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Airbnb: How to Move from Making News to Making Profits

Image from: Airbnb / Shutterstock Over the last 60 days, Airbnb.com has had its ups – like scoring VC funding, and its downs – including a barrage of negative press about customers’ bad experiences. So how does Airbnb go from making news to making profits? For starters, it should keep close tabs on its competitors. Consider Vrbo.com, another site focused on vacation rentals, albeit a bit more traditional than Airbnb.

Who Should Be Worried About Google+?

When Google+ came on the scene at the beginning of July, the early adopters were all over it, but they were skeptical. We all remember Wave and Buzz, which didn’t quite hit the mark. This time though, the general opinion is optimistic, and the conversation has turned from “should competitors be worried” to “WHICH competitors should be worried.” Of course the first reports of Google+ was that it’s trying to

Daily Reach Throwdown: Butler Bulldogs vs. Bronx Zoo Cobra

Two disturbing things happened last weekend: the Butler Bulldogs served the Florida Gators with an overtime upset to get to the Final Four in this year’s NCAA basketball tournament, and an Egyptian cobra escaped from the Bronx Zoo in New York. How are these seemingly random events related, beyond the fact that they happened around the same date? They both also caused huge spikes in daily reach to Butler.edu and

Big Game Ads Increase Reach for Advertised Websites… They Also Induce Hunger

Obviously we have all heard the banter and rage about commercials from the Big Game.  I decided to check out Adweek to see how they ranked the top 5 spots and how each spot faired in daily reach.  The chart below takes a look at daily reach, the results are nothing less than amazing, proving that the one goal that advertisers try to accomplish during the Big Game was met. 

Old Navy $2 Megasale

Recently an Old Navy online ad on Yahoo for a “˜$2 Cami Sale’ caught my eye. The Old Navy ad prompted consumers to use the secret passcode “˜CAMI4ME’ in-store to cash in on the deal. I have to admit I am a huge fan of Old Navy’s $2.50 flip-flops as well as some of its other great bargains, so I quickly clicked over to oldnavy.com with hopes of using the

The Whistle Blew Loud in July for WikiLeaks

July data is live on Compete.com, and to no surprise of many, Unique Visitors to WikiLeaks.org increased 168% month-over-month. WikiLeaks.org, a safe-haven website dedicated to whistle-blowing, made headlines in July when it released classified military documents about the war in Afghanistan. As the media drew much attention to the WikiLeaks story, people raced to WikiLeaks.org to see for themselves what all the hype was about.

Tastes a Little Salty

Summer time is synonymous with many things: family vacations, going to the beach, barbecues (read: frozen margaritas), and of course, summer movies. Each year we are treated to Hollywood’s best as they seem to "slow-play" their hand all year long, only to bet the pot on summer releases. Every week there seems to be a new "blockbuster" movie being released. Much like political commercials in October and November, there is

RadarOnline.com Traffic Soars: Thanks Mel

The buzz on the Internet and on talk shows this week has been the Mel Gibson tapes. Nearly 30 minutes of telephone recording between Mel Gibson and his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva have been released daily through radaronline.com. The entertainment, fashion, politics, and human interest site has exclusive rights to these tapes, and just released their 5th tape. Not surprisingly, radaronline.com is being mobbed by curious visitors wanting to hear the

LeBrondemonium! Did you feel it? Did you feed into it?

Last week, LeBron James had the majority of the sports world wrapped around his pinky. Pandemonium, really. (Wild uproar or unrestrained disorder; tumult or chaos) Especially in cities like Cleveland, Miami, Chicago and New York. Even if you "didn’t care," you knew about it. At the water cooler, on the train, at the bar, on the tv, in your RSS feeds; you heard the commentary, you had an opinion, even

The Seasonality Of Pizza

The NBA finals called for pizza night at our house. The DIY pizzas enabled by ordering online allow the average pizza lover a lot more self expression without annoying the order taker (“thin crust"¦light cheese..extra sauce"¦”) Having enjoyed the pizza a lot more than the final game (we’re from Boston) I decided to check out how the online service has been faring of late. I learned a couple of interesting