Free Report: Let Focus Fix Your Marketing Efforts

When you’re developing your marketing strategy, there can be a lot of pitfalls that you’ll have to avoid. Focusing too much on one area of your plan can have dire consequences for other areas of your strategy that are neglected. Optimizing that focus is critically important! Increasing conversion rates for your online visitors is an extremely common problem for sites with an e-commerce component. By focusing on the customers that

How Highlighting Our Customers Increased Conversion

Image from: Lipik/Shutterstock As an internet based business (and an entrepreneurial one at that) we are constantly testing new things.  We are always trying to figure out ways to increase conversion and help people better (and more quickly) understand our product.  A few months ago we did an A/B test that increased conversion about 0.3%.  That’s a lot!  We thought it might be interesting (and fun) to share a bit