credit card user habits

The Wallet Wars — Round 5

In the earlier blogs I talked about trends among credit card owners. What about people who are in market for credit cards? Are they seeking features similar to what current credit card owners find appealing? What resources do they use when they shop? Where do they apply? What are they looking for? Features shoppers sought in credit cards are illustrated in Chart 1. Shoppers were asked to rank the features

The Wallet wars — Round 4 — Features attractive to specific segments

Round 3 recap: Overall, credit card owners find "˜zero annual fees’ the most appealing credit card feature. While on average, some form of reward — reward points, bonus on purchases, cash back, and airline miles — is more appealing than low interest rates. A credit card issuer would be interested in not only what is popular overall but also which features are most appealing to specific segments. For example, which