What’s Cooking?

Over the past two years, the cooking category shows general ups and downs across all metrics, with slight increases around December and January.

Recipe for Success

Since first launching in 2010,, “an old-fashioned recipe swap website,” has grown to stand among the largest recipe websites on the internet.

Sunday Series: Cookies, Crafting, and Kraft in the Cooking Category

Image from: Cookies / Shutterstock This weeks Sunday Series is all about cooking! In the holiday spirit, we pulled a list of the fastest growing cooking sites in the month of November. First and foremost, let’s just acknowledge that landed the number spot as the fastest grower. In November. A bit preemptive, but so what? The second insight I noticed was that, for the most part, these sites are similar

Sunday Series: The Cooking Category

Image from: Paula Deen / Scrape TV Here, on my own in Boston, every night is a chance to prove I’m a real-life person via cooking myself something that does not incorporate a microwave and/or only eating Pop-tarts. And how do I accomplish this? I Google recipes. I follow food blogs. I piece together my own version of Chopped with whatever’s left in my pantry. I decided to see if my online culinary-crutch could

Sites Thankful for Thanksgiving

No holiday beats Thanksgiving in my book—you just can’t top family, food and football. Of course, having the resources of at my disposal, why not take a minute to check out which sites get the spike from turkey day traffic? After looking up the keyword “thanksgiving” on, which sites are most thankful for the holiday? Cooking sites, apparently. While retail sites all see that boost from the upcoming

Williams-Sonoma Cranks Up the Heat

It’s no surprise that traffic to niche cooking websites,,,, and was at a year-long high last month as shoppers looked for the coolest panini press for Mom or the best recipe for ham glaze. Looking back at unique visitor (UVs) traffic since December 2008, December 2010 may have been a good month, but it certainly wasn’t a pinnacle. In fact, while Williams-Sonoma and Epicurious saw increases