Compete now offers marketing channel and traffic composition information!

Today Compete launched our newly reinvented Referral Analytics tool. The new referral analytics goes beyond the domain level data to provide deep, actionable insights for any online marketer. Drive acquisition growth with competitive information The new referral analytics uses a simple but powerful "map of the market" visualization to show at a glance what categories are driving the most traffic to a given competitor, and whether that source is growing

Enhanced data methodology powers new features and new capabilities

Enhanced data methodology powers new features and new capabilities Today’s release of the reinvented referral analytics on is a milestone for one group of people here in the office:  The data team.  This is the group of white lab coat wearing, PhD having, prime number recognizing people here at Compete that are responsible for taking the massive sample from our multiple clickstream sources and applying the math that turns

July data is now live! Media sites dominate top movers

July data is now live on! What sort of changes did a new month bring? We took a look at the sites that grew the most from June to July to get a better idea of where online traffic is flowing. Whether it’s the heat of summer, gas prices trapping people at home or something else entirely, several rich media sites saw a huge jump in traffic in July.

Top Ranked Search Terms – Death and Taxes Still Certain

With the massive amount of search activity taking place across the web, the highest traffic search terms can provide a glimpse into the issues currently important to internet users, and consumers as a whole. With our online search tools, you can start to get at this data on a site level, but what we find even more interesting is how this plays out for the web as a whole, and

Compete Two-For-One Credit Sale: Happy "Presentine's" day!

We wanted to offer our readers a promotion earlier this month, but with Valentine’s day rolling into a long weekend, the timing didn’t make sense. So now, in celebration of BOTH holidays, Compete wants to help you maintain a strong relationship with the one’s you know, and love: Washington, Lincoln, Hamilton, Jackson… heck let’s even throw (non-president) Franklin into the mix! If you’ve been holding out to buy credits at

Introducing: Compete Top Site Lists

One of the best perks of working at Compete is the ability to analyze website traffic down to page level detail for any domain — measuring visitor conversion, discovering a website’s referral sources, and getting traffic figures for millions of sites without being restricted to analyzing five domains at a time through Site Analytics. Today, we’re pleased to make available Compete Top Lists. This new product provides ranking lists for