Sunday Series: Textbook Sales Helping to Save Book Category

This summer has been rough to the book industry. After a two-year low in June and a slight recovery during July, the start of the school year is finally getting the category back to it’s normal levels. Although the 15% month over month (MoM) increase in traffic seems high, it still lower than last year’s 23% July to August MoM increase.

August Data is LIVE at Compete

TheGuardian.com saw explosive growth in August as the popular online newspaper moved from Guardian.co.uk on July 30 to TheGuardian.com. Comparing TheGuardian.com in August to Guardian.co.uk over the recent months also shows that the news outlet had their best month for unique visitors (UVs) in two years. Using Compete PRO, we can see that Americans were driven to The Guardian for their perspective on the current events in Syria with the keyword “syria” being the eighth most popular keyword for driving traffic to TheGuardian.com.