Touchdown for Big Game Automotive Ads? [2012 Edition]

Image from: ABC News The 2012 Big Game has come and gone and as typical the game’s ads seemed to get as much attention as the game itself, fueled by executives touting their companies’ presence and ad snippets “leaked” in advance.  Again in 2012, many advertisers were automakers.  Compete compared un-aided ad recollection with changes in in-market automotive shopper volume to inform whether these ads were productive in driving near-term

Identity Crisis 2011: Automotive Re-branding During the Big Game

Each year, three product categories seem to garner a larger share of the Big Game’s vaunted ad time; Beer, Snacks and Cars. 2011 was no different for automakers, as ten brands chimed in with a total of nineteen ads, and each spent about $100,000 per second to do so. Identity was the name of the game this time around, with several brands presenting either a reinforcement or complete change of

Truth in Engineering"¦ and Marketing

The financial crash of 2008 hit few industries harder than automotive.  We saw timeless US automotive manufacturers file for bankruptcy while others experienced record sales declines.  Despite this, some brands, like Audi, were able to weather the storm better than others.  How?  In part, thanks to successful marketing.  I first started paying attention to the brand after seeing a creative, futuristic commercial about a year ago.  Beginning in a dimly