Are Online Readers Looking for Good Reads or Quick Reads?

Image from: cosma/Shutterstock It seems that I’m always on the hunt for a new good book, but that I’m never taking the time to read the ones I have. I don’t actually need to buy any more books – I have about 5 unread ones sitting on my shelf at home! Interestingly enough, I spend most of my day reading short articles online and converting those I find important into

Beyond Social Media: How Do You Waste Your Time Online?

If you’re like me (and probably most Americans), you probably spend a majority of your waking time, even when not at work, in front of a computer. There have been loads of studies showing where workers (and everyone else) spends time on the Internet. Unsurprisingly, social media and online games tend to dominate the list. But as a social media marketer, spending time managing my profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,