The Weekly Pulse

Bogged down with work and missed the latest digital headlines and articles? Don’t worry; , we’ve got you covered with our top picks for the week!

July’s Top 50: Three Sites Heating Up

Temperatures were up in July, but a few lucky websites got even hotter. Three sites in particular experienced strong MoM growth. Take at our Top 50 sites to see who felt the summer love.

June’s Top 50: Successes, Socials, and Struggles

June data is live! Check out who thrived, who flailed, and who surprised us.

The Weekly Compete Pulse

Our favorite articles from this week focused on bringing you crucial information about your digital marketing strategy. If you missed them, take a look at these must-reads featuring resources, updates, and warnings that you absolutely need to know. Essential Twitter Marketing Resources: A Complete Guide Twitter has the ability to be a staple of your digital marketing strategy—but only if used correctly. This article by Social Media Examiner provides you

The Weekly Compete Pulse

This Fourth of July weekend brings you some of our favorite articles from the web, on topics like social analytics and rising digital trends. You’ll certainly learn a lot from these pieces, so read on and find out more!

‘Mesh’ Your Messaging: How H&M Can Get Digital Right

There are a number of ways that a company can work towards getting their holistic digital strategy right. Impactful emails, a well-designed website, guerrilla hashtag campaigns, affiliate marketing, et cetera. But mixing together a blend of actions isn’t always enough – and there’s always room for improvement.

May’s Top 50: Home Improvement and iPhone 6 Rumors

May 2014 was a rather quiet month for our top 50 websites. Most sites saw steady increases in their unique visitor count — but a few did have remarkable results! See what our data tells us in the following post.

The Weekly Compete Pulse

This week’s favorite stories from our corner of the Twitterverse focused on Big Data, influencers, and internet privacy. It’s an interesting set you won’t want to miss!

The Weekly Compete Pulse

Big Data and analytics dominated the top stories our followers responded to! Take a look at this week’s round-up and learn more about how Big Data helps you.

Mercedes Going Down : Millward Brown Digital Original Research

Millward Brown Digital used its automotive behavioral analytics to evaluate Mercedes’ CLA launch based on success generating demand and converting that into sales, as well as interplay with C Class.

How Songza Gets Heard: Getting Digital Right

The search for the perfect (online) DJ is on. This week, I’m investigating how Songza, a carefully curated online music streaming site, gets digital right.