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3 Steps in Picking the Perfect Affiliate Partners

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways you can sell your product. There are a lot of advantages to having someone else sell for you, including exposure to an audience you may have never reached on your own. Building out your affiliate program is like choosing your friends; you need to carefully pick and choose who you work with since they will be directly representing your brand and…

The Weekly Pulse

There has been lots of talk about Pinterest and its competitors this week. For instance, The Fancy announced that they will be diving into the world of mobile commerce with an update to their iOS app that allows users to purchase things directly from the app. Similarly, The Verge writes about why Pinterest rival Wists failed to become the next big social network. Do you know the keys to affiliate

Make-my-baby: Ethical Use of Affiliate Marketing?

Facebook has been in the news recently, not only for their high valuation and major investments from Goldman Sachs and Digital Sky Technologies, but also because some applications on the site are now asking for access to personal information such as phone number and address. Interestingly, there is another application, Make-my-baby, that also has the ability to change the settings in your browser if…

Affiliate Recruitment With Referral Analytics

On Sunday, I came across Geno Prussakov’s blog post called Recruit Affiliates with Intelligence & Link Building Tools on Although the post is brief, it makes the point that competitive intelligence and link building tools are “powerful affiliate recruitment tools.” Geno is a noted consultant, author, blogger, and international speakers on all things Affiliate Marketing, so I appreciate his support of competitive intelligence tools and calling out Compete PRO