4th of July

Fourth of July: Battle of the American BBQ Brands

Happy Fourth of July, marketers! Today we celebrate the birth of our country the American way: grilling, drinking and watching fireworks with friends. As most of the nation is closed for business today, which American brands are reaping the benefits? We looked at the online traffic data to the most popular charcoal, hot dog, and domestic beer brands leading up to the fourth.

Happy 4th of July from the Compete Team!

Wishing everyone a Happy 4th from some of our sales team!

‘Tis the Season…. For Fireworks!

One of my favorite holidays is Independence Day. Of course I love the obvious reasons, you know, celebrating the birth of a country, embracing our freedom, eating fried foods outside, maybe a frog jumping contest, the important stuff. I have to confess though, that my favorite part of any Independence Day celebration has to be the fireworks. There’s something magical about the effervescing explosions in the sky that make us