A look at traffic to IRS.gov… have you filed your taxes yet?

Every single year that I have prepared my own tax return (yes, I still do my own taxes), I’ve prepared them the weekend before they have been due. Examining traffic to IRS.gov for the past few years, it looks like my tax filing behavior may not be the norm!! — My observations: Traffic to IRS.gov peaks in February each year (and not in April 🙂 After several, mostly flat years,

15.4 Million Facebook Application Users in January

15.4 million Facebook users interacted with fb Application pages (@ apps.facebook.com) in January: On average ~51% of Facebook’s user base engages with Application pages: In January, fb Application pages directly contributed 1.5 billion pages (8.4% of total) to Facebook.com’s total page view count. Given the trend, I expect Application pages to gradually form a larger chunk of Facebook.com’s overall page views over time. Note: Stats in this post are limited