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Mobile v Desktop


Webinar Replay: Mobile vs. Desktop Retail Shopping Trends & Implications

To examine how consumers are using their mobile devices to shop, Millward Brown Digital analyzed the passively collected consumer behavior across ten of the leading US online retailers from January through June of 2014.


Brand | Ecommerce

Brands Searching for Success on Amazon

Amazon remains the dominant player in US ecommerce, but how and where on Amazon are consumers shopping brands’ categories?


Automotive | News

Sunday Series: Traffic Accelerates for Tesla

The Vehicles category saw a strong increase in traffic in October, and traffic for one site in particular nearly doubled m-o-m. That site was Telsamotors.com, website for automaker Tesla.



The Weekly Compete Pulse

Happy Saturday! In this edition of the Weekly Compete Pulse we’ve featured some of our favorite articles from the past week on digital marketing. Learn about SEO, ecommerce, paid search, and more.

Hyundai Sonata


Hyundai Sonata Launch – Get in the Ring and Start Punching Already

Millward Brown Digital compared monthly demand and retail conversion for Sonata and four of its competitors (Accord, Altima, Camry and Fusion).



Five Things that Every CPG Brand Needs To Do to Win Online

For years, CPG manufacturers have thought of the ecommerce channel as an opportunity further off in the future. There are five things that every CPG brand should be doing as they plan and execute their ecommerce strategy


Compete PRO™

Sunday Series: Home Depot Takes In Traffic, Gives Back Cash

In June we told you how Home Depot had experienced strong month-over-month growth during May. In September, a specific component of Home Depot saw a strong increase in traffic: their rebate site.

halloween pumpkins


October Data is Now Live – JibJab, CW TV, and NBA Scared Up a Lot of Extra Traffic

October data is now live! See which sites made it into our Monthly Fast Movers and which trends drove traffic last month,



The Weekly Compete Pulse

Welcome to the weekend and this week’s edition of the Weekly Compete Pulse! Take a look at some of our favorite articles from the past week featuring SEO, social media, and digital marketing.

iPhone 6

Retail & Consumer Products

New iPhone 6 Drives Traffic to Top Retailers

In September, Apple’s release of the iPhone 6/6+ led to an increase in traffic to the “Big Four” wireless carriers.