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July Data is Now Live – Khan Academy, Steam, GQ and More

July data is now live and available in Compete PRO! July was a busy month on the Internet, and it shows in our Monthly Fast Movers…



Instagram Desktop Usage On The Rise

Recent enhancements to Instagram’s desktop site has increased functionality and improved the user experience overall…

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Automotive Ad Campaigns to Remember

Whether an ad includes catchy music, a celebrity appearance, or great visuals, automotive commercials always seem to stand out…


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June Top 50: Movies and Media Make Their Mark

Movies and Media Make their mark in June. Find out which sites finished in the top 50, and some trends to takeaway from the month…

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Domino’s Dominates The Social Game

Brands are challenged to provide a convenient experience by simplifying the purchase process. A recent social campaign by Domino’s has done just that…

Amazon E-commerce

Retail & Consumer Products

Amazon Prime Day Grabs Consumer Attention

Was Amazon Prime Day successful? As we mentioned last week, many products sold out but there was still a largely negative reaction on social media, leaving some confusion as to whether or not the promotion was a success…

amazon ecommerce

Retail & Consumer Products

Will Amazon Prime Day Be Seen As A Success?

Hear Jason Caine, VP, Client Services-CPG/Retail speak with Bloomberg Radio on the effect of Amazon Prime Day…


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YouTube’s Targeting Potential is Higher Than You Think

Eighty-three percent of Moms visit YouTube in any given month, about 3% more than the average Internet user…

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June Data is Now Live – Women’s World Cup and E3 Drive Traffic Surges

June data is now live! See which sites made it into our Monthly Fast Movers and which trends drove traffic last month.


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Welcome to the New Compete PRO

We’re excited to announce that Compete PRO has undergone a major redesign…