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The Great Outdoors Meets Digital

After a very long and cold winter for much of the Unites States, people across the nation are taking advantage of the great outdoors…


Retail & Consumer Products

Athleisure Driving Fabletics Success

Kate Hudson’s new line, Fabletics, has begun to give active wear veterans a new competitor to watch out for.


Compete PRO | Retail & Consumer Products

My Coke Rewards Yielding Loyalty and Engagement Online

A drink from Coca-Cola transforms a beverage into opportunity for the consumer to win fun gifts and rewards

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Compete PRO | News

May Data is Now Live – Flower Sites Bloom for Mother’s Day

May data is now live! See which sites made it into our Monthly Fast Movers and which trends drove traffic last month.

Top 50

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May Top 50: Apples to Apples, News Making News

Data for the month of May is now live for Compete PRO users! We’ve compiled some of the most compelling stories out of the top 50 websites over last month.


Compete PRO

“Search” for Sasquatch

How can one brave explorer find a mythical creature that has evaded us for decades – maybe even centuries? The answer is simple: by using night-vision goggles and Compete PRO.

Demystifying the consumer journey

Compete PRO

The Trials of a Consumer-Centric Marketing Strategy

How can a marketer influence consumers to purchase the same brand when their paths are so different?


Compete PRO

No Swan Song for Vinyl

Perhaps older technologies, like vinyls, that we may consider obsolete by today’s standards have value that can be realized again by newer tech platforms.

Game of Thrones2

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Winter is Coming…to Wikipedia, Wikia, and Reddit

Showing you what sites people are visiting after searching online for “Game of Thrones” over a three month period from February through May.

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April Top 50: Shake Ups and Break Ups

We’ve compiled the biggest and baddest websites for April in our top 50 list, so which websites made their way into online glory?