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October Data is Now Live – Halloween, NBA & NHL Seasons, The Walking Dead & More!

Image from: Halloween / Shutterstock October data is now live and available in Compete PRO! We’ve noticed a few trends in this month’s Fast Movers list: Halloween costume/party shopping, the beginning of the NBA and NHL seasons, and the return of a few popular TV series have fans running to the below sites. The first and most obvious trend on our list came from two of the top Halloween retailers,

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Target’s Competitive Price Comparison

Just ahead of holiday season, Target has updated its price-matching policy, allowing for customers to find the best deals on the spot…


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Webinar Replay: Driving Innovation with the Compete API

In a recent webinar, we explored how you can use the Compete API for internal reporting, product development, and lead qualification. During the webinar, our team walked through some best use-cases to show how you can drive results for your business.


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September Data is Now Live – Back to School & Fantasy Football Kick Into Gear!

September data is now live and available in Compete PRO. We’ve noticed two overwhelming themes this month: Fantasy football and education related sites…


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Using Compete PRO and Google Analytics

Google Analytics and Compete PRO together give you a well-rounded view of your site’s activity, and your competition…

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Brand | Retail & Consumer Products

Making Back-to-School Easy

School is back in session and students everywhere are finally back into the swing of studying, homework, and extracurricular activities…

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Technology & Entertainment

A Look Into Over-the-Top Content

It should come as no surprise that the landscape for content consumption has changed dramatically in the past years…

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August Data is Now Live – Fantasy Football, Back to School, Adult Swim and More

August data is now live and available in Compete PRO! August saw the annual rise of fantasy football sites, back-to-school sites, and more. Check out our Monthly Fast Movers!

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Webinar Replay: Millennial Search Behavior

In a recent webinar, we reviewed the importance on search marketing, and its role in capturing sales and market share from competitors…

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Gear Up For Fantasy Football

Fantasy football is back in action! As teams get ready for draft day, we decided to take a look at some trends across the major fantasy sports sites…