Digital 180 with BabyAge.com President Jack Kiefer

Jack Kiefer, the founder, President, and CEO of BabyAge.com, has some interesting insights on the current trends in digital marketing after being in the game for many years. He shares his thoughts on the evolution of customer acquisition over the past decade, from AOL to shopping comparison to Google, and where it is heading now. BabyAge.com has also been able cut back on their search spend without seeing a drop

Digital 180 with Canoe Ventures' David Verklin

Canoe Ventures CEO David Verklin spoke with Digital 180 about the exciting changes on the horizon for television. Canoe Ventures, working with the six biggest cable providers in the U.S., is working to change the cable viewing experience and David shares how this will be done with interactivity, targeted advertising, and more. Check out the Digital 180 channel and check back with the Compete blog to hear about more exciting

Digital 180 with Enfatico's Torrence Boone

Enfatico CEO Torrence Boone recently took some time out to share his insights in the latest Digital 180 interview. Torrence talks about the importance of delivering creativity and ideas cost-effectively as well as the relationship between creative and analytic/scientific thinking in marketing. Check back with the Compete Blog for more insights from the TNS Media Digital Summit and the Digital 180.

Spring is Time for Pets and Petco

“My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am.” ~Author Unknown I’ll never forget the day I fell in love. I was driving north on the 5 in San Diego from the airport home to Del Mar. Cargo was flown in from Oklahoma City to San Diego and this cargo changed my life. I had been against getting a dog for

Compete.com Site Redesign Video

Web Pro News recently took a look at Compete.com’s new look at Ad Tech in San Francisco. Check out the video of Compete’s Aaron Prebluda showing highlights of the redesign. More WebProNews Videos We’d love to hear your feedback on the new look – please let us know what you think!

The "˜King of All Internet Radio'

For the past few years, I have not only been a Sirius Satellite Radio subscriber, but also one of its biggest fans. Sirius replaced the unmanageable amount of mix CD’s that littered my car and put all the music and entertainment in one small piece of equipment. Sirius has also changed the way I listen to music at work. On in the background all day, Sirius Internet Radio provides me

Compete at S.E.S!

Come visit Compete at S.E.S in New York. Compete will be at the Search Engine Strategies Conferce in New York City today and tomorrow – Stop by booth #110 to say hello to the Compete.com and Online Media and Search teams. We’ll be giving away two 32″ HDTVs!

Powerball vs. Moneyball Marketing: Part I

February marks the slow transition from pro football to Major League Baseball, and while dissecting Superbowl advertising and Theo Epstein’s off-season maneuvers, my thoughts gave way to a new view of marketing in 2009. I’ll characterize it this way, "There are two kinds of marketing executives in the world — Powerball marketers and Moneyball marketers." Powerball marketers cross their fingers and hope for great outcomes Take the Denny’s Free Grand

Shifting Content: A young peoples’ game?

There’s no question that our increasing ability to shift content across time, place and device is bringing about major changes in how we interact with media. The challenge and the opportunity lie in how rapidly the landscape is changing and how quickly young Americans are adapting to it. TVWeek recently reported that nearly two times as many Americans aged 18-34 have watched content via an online video than through a

Super Bowl Ads – Coke vs. Pepsi

Coke and Pepsi have been locked in battle on many fronts for decades and the Super Bowl goes a long way in deciding which of the two has the upper hand. Both had success with memorable ads in 2008; Pepsi’s Justin Timberlake ad and Coke’s Parade Balloons (as a Patriots fan, the ads are the only part of that game I want to remember). Each company had three commercials during

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