Betty White’s Popularity Reaches Hulu

Betty White’s performance on Saturday Night Live was an instant classic. Each skit was well written, past cast members came back to join in on the fun, and Ms. White’s comedic side shined through.  The show was also a tremendous success for SNL and NBC as it scored 12.1 million viewers and a 4.6 rating.  Those are great numbers for a show with a non-prime-time slot. Not bad for a

Which Publishers are Best Positioned to Capitalize on NFL Offseason Interest?

In an apparent effort to drive TV ratings, the first round of the 2010 NFL draft was held during primetime for the first time in its 75 year history. The result was a ratings windfall; ESPN’s draft coverage was the fifth most watched cable program of 2010 in US households despite splitting its sporting-enthusiast viewership with NHL and NBA playoff games.

Online March Madness

March is a big month for sports, with the drama of the NCAA Tournament plus MLB excitement as a new baseball season kicks off. In March, three of the Compete 250 sites with the greatest month-over-month (m-o-m) changes were, not surprisingly, sports related. NCAA.com and cbssports.com grew 982% and 121%, respectively, m-o-m in March. Also, NCAA.com’s March Madness on Demand, which streams live video of every game from the NCAA

Vacation Season Search

With the arrival of spring, more people will be thinking "vacation."Â Â  And more likely than not, that means consumers will research vacations online when looking for that perfect location, and that research is likely to include search.  To help reveal the connection between search and sites, Compete assessed the Top 10 travel-related sites that consumers were referred after searching on that very word: "vacation" on any of the major search

You Say You Want a 4G EVOlution. Well, you know"¦.

Recently, Sprint announced its latest device, the HTC EVO, crammed with impressive features such as two built in cameras, HD video capabilities, a 4.3 inch touch screen display, and even a little extendable leg to prop the HTC EVO up for easy video viewing.  However, the most trend-setting feature of them all may be its 4G network technology.  4G, or 4th generation, marks the next big step in mobile phone

Casinos Need to Continue the Digital Evolution

Casinos, like many travel industries, have struggled during the recession.  To help gauge the impact, Compete analyzed traffic to its "Casinos" industry category.  Category traffic represents unique traffic across all sites in the category (over 100 in this case), meaning a person that visits more than one category site in a month is counted only once in that month’s category total.

The "Easy to Read" Secret of Students

When I look back on my education, I can fondly remember the hours spent reading through the classic novels for English classes.  However, I would be lying if I said my classmates and I didn’t turn to Cliffs Notes for more interpretation as we read.  We were always curious about the analysis of things like Piggy’s glasses in "Lord of the Flies", and the depth of the available information for

Digital 180 Speaks with Espresso's Managing Director Marta Kagan

Digital 180, Compete’s online "TV" series, spoke with Marta Kagan, who leads Espresso’s growing Boston office.   As the outspoken voice behind The Secret Diary of a Bonafide Marketing Genius, Marta writes and speaks frequently about branding and advertising in the digital channel.  Her viral hit What the F**k is Social Media? has been translated into seven languages.

Digital 180 with Upromise's Head of Web Strategy Aboud Yaqub

Digital 180, Compete’s online "TV" series, recently caught up with Aboud Yaqub, the VP of Web Strategy of Upromise. Launched in April 2001, today Upromise is a major, private source of college funding contributions in America, with over 10 million members and nearly $500 million in member rewards. If you are looking for tips and tricks to build and engage an online community Aboud’s insights are a "must see": The

Compete Pro Enterprise adds Categories!

Today is an exciting day for Compete and our customers! We’ve been working on enhancements to Compete PRO Enterprise, for the past several months and today we’re releasing the result of our efforts: Compete Category Profiles provide a web wide view of traffic, search, and engagement metrics across over 220 industries and 45 Behavioral Segments to our Enterprise customers. "But wait a minute," we hear you saying, "How can this

Digital 180 with Visible Measures' Matt Cutler

Visible Measures is an authority on measuring the consumption and distribution of online videos and Matt Cutler, the Visible Measures VP of Marketing and Analytics, recently spoke with Digital 180. While everyone is already familiar with online video, its function in branding campaigns is still evolving. Matt shares his ideas on how social video differs from viral, what trends he sees emerging in the near future, and what company is