Sunday Series: Digital Renaissance for Art Enthusiasts

Art Enthusiasts can discover how museums, largely centers for history and culture, are converging with the perceived “future” in the digital world.

The Compete Weekly Pulse

Welcome to another edition of the Compete Weekly Pulse! If you missed them, take a look at some of our favorite digital marketing articles from the past week

May’s Top 50: Home Improvement and iPhone 6 Rumors

May 2014 was a rather quiet month for our top 50 websites. Most sites saw steady increases in their unique visitor count — but a few did have remarkable results! See what our data tells us in the following post.

Getting Digital Right with Edwin Wong

This past April, Millward Brown Digital hosted the eleventh annual Digital CMO Summit in Miami, FL. At the Digital CMO Summit, Edwin shared findings from a new study by Yahoo! on Getting Personalization Right.

Mercedes Going Down : Millward Brown Digital Original Research

Millward Brown Digital used its automotive behavioral analytics to evaluate Mercedes’ CLA launch based on success generating demand and converting that into sales, as well as interplay with C Class.

The Weekly Compete Pulse

Here’s a round up of our favorite digital marketing stories from the web this week: Small Businesses Need Big Data Too, 15 Stunning Stats About Cyber Monday, Convert Your Content Marketing to Revenue: 7 Pieces of the Puzzle, Real Time Marketing: How Brands Can Prepare And Succeed

5 Steps to Help Generate New Business for Advertising Agencies

his week the Ad Club hosted guest speakers Kristen Cavallo, Chief Strategy Officer of Mullen, and Donna Wiederkher, CMO of Aegis Media N.A., on the topic of new business. Coming from different backgrounds, with over decades of experience between the two of them, the insights they gave were both practical and thought provoking.

Webinar Replay: Keeping Tabs on Travel and Facebook

Shutterstock / basketman23 Compete recently hosted a webinar entitled “Keeping Tabs on Travel and Facebook.” Marketing executives across the brand spectrum will be increasing marketing spend in social media next year despite many not having any idea how to measure ROI on this increased spend. I looked into the state of the travel industry with a lens focused on Facebook, then, in conjunction with Expedia Media Solutions, explored the value

The Weekly Compete Pulse

These are the articles we read this week and found interesting for online marketers.

Online Football Power Rankings (10/9 – 10/10)

The weekend is almost here and everyone is ready for some football, but first, let’s take a look back at the Online Football Power Rankings from last week.  Each week we look at Saturday’s Daily Reach for sites in the College Sports Team Sites category and Sunday’s Daily Reach for sites in the NFL Team Sites category.  Daily Reach is defined by how many people visit a specific site as

Spirit: The Airline America Loves to Hate

Spirit Airlines – America’s first “ultra-low-cost-carrier” – has had an eventful 2010. Already notorious for its questionable ad campaigns and aggressive monetization strategies, the airline has recently pushed the boundaries in both arenas, and in turn faced seemingly constant and harsh public criticism. So why, amidst all of this, do we believe this just may be Spirit’s finest hour? By tapping into the clickstream activity of its two million person