Weather or Not

Although spring is upon us, many still remember this past winter, which for many parts of the country was among the worst on record.  And anyone traveling during those storms is all too familiar with the blizzard of delays, cancellations, and related lost business. Winter: Web Wins Compete leveraged its ability to survey the digital general population by asking consumers about how they see last winter’s weather impacting future travel

Digging for a Deal: Today’s Air Travel Environment Means High Flying for Aggregator Sites

Recent data released by American Express Business Travel reports that the average price paid for a flight during Q4 2010 was up 7% versus the same time period last year. Ask the airlines, and they’ll tell you this is due in near entirety to rising operational costs, specifically the price of oil. And with crude prices increasing an additional 21% during Q1, it’s no surprise that ticket prices continue to

The Flashy Side of Online Travel Deals

Compete recently authored two blogs on the Future of Daily Deal Sites in general.  The Travel industry has its share, too, including LivingSocial’s Escapes product.  Some, such as and, are travel only while others ( and are more retail-oriented but have added travel.  Many of these sites are affiliated with much larger and more familiar brands such as TripAdvisor (Sniqueaway), Travel + Leisure (Vacationist), and the Gilt

Online Travel Sites Set a High Bar

Many industries leverage websites to engage consumers, build relationships and of course sell goods and services. The online travel ecosystem is diverse, including suppliers (such as hotel chains and airlines), third-party sellers that sell or at least let consumers compare multiple brands (including online travel agencies), advice and commentary sites, and many others. The diversity reflects that billions are spent on travel each year. The downside is that travel is

American’s GDS Gamble

Image from: Travel / Shutterstock Collectively, the airline industry is posting record profits in 2010, but at least one major player thinks it can do better.  Its contracts with a number of key distribution partners coming due, American Airlines chose December 2010 to start a now heated battle with back-end global distribution systems (GDS) and consumer-facing online travel agencies (OTAs) that could decide the future economics of selling airfare online.

Carnival Splendor Stranded at Sea(rch)

On November 9, 2010, a fire erupted in the engine room of the relatively new, 4,500-passenger Carnival Splendor while sailing off the coast of Mexico.  Despite no injuries on board, passengers were stranded at sea for three days and the ship had to be towed back to San Diego harbor.  While obviously creating a major travel disruption for Splendor cruisers, the event was picked up by the major news services

Home for the Holidays? For many, it will be a last-minute decision

The holiday season invariably finds millions of Americans scrambling to finalize their travel plans, with Thanksgiving being among the most active travel times of the year. The travel industry naturally looks to this time of year for heavy volumes and relied-upon revenue generation and figures from a recurring survey conducted by Compete for several months starting in June pointed to heightened expectations for Thanksgiving travel. Data through Thanksgiving week tell

Spirit: The Airline America Loves to Hate

Spirit Airlines – America’s first “ultra-low-cost-carrier” – has had an eventful 2010. Already notorious for its questionable ad campaigns and aggressive monetization strategies, the airline has recently pushed the boundaries in both arenas, and in turn faced seemingly constant and harsh public criticism. So why, amidst all of this, do we believe this just may be Spirit’s finest hour? By tapping into the clickstream activity of its two million person

Consumer Positions on Peaks and Packages

As the recession continues, consumers continue to evolve their travel thinking. The evolution represents possible opportunities and challenges. Compete recently surveyed its panelists on two aspects of travel planning: Likelihood to travel during off-peak periods, and likelihood to book packages. The likelihood of traveling off-peak is one gauge of consumers managing a desire to travel against monetary pressures. Over half of respondents reported that they are more likely to consider

Compete Releases Top Vacation-Related Web Sites for Summer 2010

Today, Compete released its rankings for summer 2010 top vacation-related web sites. The summer heat seems to be sending people to theme parks, as revealed by our May data. Affordable travel remains popular as vacation packaging sites continue to see more traffic in the summer months. How are people getting around in a cheaper way? According to our data, car rental sites have seen a major increase in traffic, while

Consumer Perceptions of Travel Value Not Promising

In response to the lingering recession, the travel industry has had to aggressively cut prices and at the same time promote value.   Compete recently surveyed its panelists on their perception of value by travel category, 2010 vs. 2009.  "Value" is always difficult to define; in this case we asked respondents to consider things such as price and amenities each category offers.  The same respondents ranked all four categories: Flight, Hotel,