Retail & Consumer Products

Making Back-to-School Easy

School is back in session and students everywhere are finally back into the swing of studying, homework, and extracurricular activities…

Amazon Prime Day Grabs Consumer Attention

Was Amazon Prime Day successful? As we mentioned last week, many products sold out but there was still a largely negative reaction on social media, leaving some confusion as to whether or not the promotion was a success…

Will Amazon Prime Day Be Seen As A Success?

Hear Jason Caine, VP, Client Services-CPG/Retail speak with Bloomberg Radio on the effect of Amazon Prime Day…

Athleisure Driving Fabletics Success

Kate Hudson’s new line, Fabletics, has begun to give active wear veterans a new competitor to watch out for.

My Coke Rewards Yielding Loyalty and Engagement Online

A drink from Coca-Cola transforms a beverage into opportunity for the consumer to win fun gifts and rewards

Bridging the Gap: Desktop Behaviors for Smartphone Insights?

We asked consumers in our industry-leading desktop panel about whether they own smartphones and to what extent they have installed applications (apps) tied to specific industries.

Amazon Prime’s Disruptive Impact on the Path to Purchase

Amazon Prime has morphed into a program full of so many benefits that it is both changing consumer perception of what value looks like, and leaving other retailers to figure out how to compete

March Top 50: Tournament Madness and Spring Promotions

March Madness or spring promotional events and sales directly influenced tons of web traffic and growth to many popular websites and here’s how!

New iPhone 6 Drives Traffic to Top Retailers

In September, Apple’s release of the iPhone 6/6+ led to an increase in traffic to the “Big Four” wireless carriers.

Suck it up! Not only marketing, but consumer experience, drives conversion.

When shopping for a vacuum cleaner, consumers must decide between a variety of products and brands. But once vacuum shoppers land on a branded site, are those marketing efforts influencing a decision to purchase, and perhaps more importantly, is the experience helping to drive conversion?

Fashion Meets Fitness and Causes Internet Stir

By teaming with FitBit, and launching the “Tory Burch for Fitbit” line on, the designer has significantly expanded her online presence and given her brand a revamp. With the introduction of the new line, a site that may have once been associated primarily with luxury items, now caters to a much broader consumer base.