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Getting The Most Out Of Compete PRO : Keyword Destination Reports

It’s time to get a little bit tactical. On the Compete blog, we talk about data all the time, but very rarely do we actually “show” and not just “tell.” I get pretty fired up about Compete PRO, and the latest enhancements to Search Analytics provide a great excuse to devote an entire post to my favorite Compete PRO report: Keyword Destination. Call it shameless self-promotion, but as far as

Sweetness! Compete PRO just got that much better!

I have a sweet tooth, and everyone knows it. Whether it’s a 2 liter bottle of grape soda, a bag full of gummy worms, or a giant cherry Danish, nothing gets me rocking and rolling like a burst of sugar during my day. I consider myself a pretty lucky guy — each day for the past week and a half leading up to this launch, Gregg Poulin, my boss and

Guest Post: How I use Compete.com as a Publisher

With an overwhelming amount of online data available, pinpointing relevant data to support marketing initiatives is a challenging task. Even the most experienced online publishers can easily be inundated with all of the tools, applications, and articles that flood the internet. Here at Compete, we pool all of the relevant information you’ll need to fuel competitive marketing decisions (like you didn’t know that). More specifically, in this blog post I

The New Compete.com – Tagging Walkthrough

As you may have noticed, last week we rolled out some exciting new features and functionality on compete.com. Over the next few weeks, our Product team will be writing a series of posts to shed some light on the new elements of the site, and walk through some specific usage scenarios to help you understand the value of the latest and greatest from compete.com. We welcome any feedback you have,