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How to Find Profitable Keywords with Alex Cohen

Last Tuesday, senior marketing manager at ClickEquations, Alex Cohen, taught us how to discover which words are driving traffic to your competitors sites and which ones drive engagement, as well as how to uncover the real words people use before they click on your text ad and stop irrelevant clicks. His webinar, “Find Profitable Keywords with 2 Unconventional Techniques,” presented viewers with insightful and new information about various ways improve


If you follow Compete on twitter, you may have seen a Friday afternoon (or late morning if you are a West Coast data lover) come and go with some mentions of data nuggets, promptly scratched your head, and wondered “What the heck is a data nugget?” As a new member of the Compete.com team, the first time I heard the term “data nugget” I immediately thought “mmmm sweet and sour

Referral Analytics We Don't Just Make-up

A week after Compete’s release of new the Referral Analytics tool, the internet market continues to buzz with excitement over the latest features and capabilities. The new tool was released in tandem with Compete’s May data, unleashing valuable information that more accurately reflects site traffic and total visits. Through the referral analytics tool, a site owner can delve into the channel map (below) which shows percent visits from the various

Compete Webinar: Spend Smarter. Acquire Better. Introducing Enhanced Referral Analytics With Compete PRO!

Join us for a Webinar on June 24th from 2-3pm EDT Space is limited. Reserve your Webinar seat now! Last week, Compete launched an enhanced Referral Analytics product that will help you understand your competitors’ and your industry’s marketing strategy. Learn from it, adapt to it, and then outperform it. Eric Austrew, Director of Product Management for Compete.com, will give an exclusive walk through of the new and improved Compete

Compete now offers marketing channel and traffic composition information!

Today Compete launched our newly reinvented Referral Analytics tool. The new referral analytics goes beyond the domain level data to provide deep, actionable insights for any online marketer. Drive acquisition growth with competitive information The new referral analytics uses a simple but powerful "map of the market" visualization to show at a glance what categories are driving the most traffic to a given competitor, and whether that source is growing

Enhanced data methodology powers new features and new capabilities

Enhanced data methodology powers new features and new capabilities Today’s release of the reinvented referral analytics on Compete.com is a milestone for one group of people here in the office:  The data team.  This is the group of white lab coat wearing, PhD having, prime number recognizing people here at Compete that are responsible for taking the massive sample from our multiple clickstream sources and applying the math that turns

Webmaster Radio Interviews Compete at SES 2010

While at the latest Search Engine Strategies Conference, SES 2010 in New York City, Webmaster Radio caught up with Eric Austrew, Director of Product Management for Compete.com, about the company’s data methodology, product offerings, and product development strategy. Click here to listen to the interview.

Compete Data Methodology White Paper

Here at Compete, we spend a lot of time and energy on the data methodology behind our panel.  We also get questions from our customers and partners about the panel, as well as how we get to the metrics that really matter to online businesses.  With that, we’re happy to announce the release of our new Compete Data Methodology white paper.  In it, you’ll find information on: Our multi-source panel

Compete’s Audience Profiles help you target your ideal customer

Next Thursday, Eric Austrew, Product Manager of Compete.com, will present  a webinar called Know Thy Audience – Using Compete’s Audience Profiles to target your ideal customer. In his presentation, Eric will address the ongoing issues both publishers and advertisers face when trying offer or buy media placements based on audience measurement and standard demographic data. By gaining audience insights through comprehensive tools, like Compete’s Audience Profiles, marketers can discover the

Compete Now Offers Audience Insights!

Compete and Fox Audience Network Partner First of its kind Audience Profiles now available through Compete On Monday, Compete and the FOX Audience Network (FAN) debuted a comprehensive audience insight service. Publishers and advertisers now have the ability to dissect their website’s audience composition and use these insights to develop highly targeted marketing strategies to reach their ideal customer. Compete Audience Profiles are available to anyone with a free MyCompete

Who’s ready to bring clicks to bricks?

For years people have been asking the question “how does online behavior impact my offline sales?” The question has been asked so much so that an entire industry has been built around trying to find the answer. In comes Compete… Yesterday, Compete and Cannondale Associates, a marketing and sales management consulting firm, announced a partnership that gives marketers new insight into online to offline purchases.  For the first time, marketers