Financial Services

Bank of America’s Focus on "Quality" Online Bankers

Online banking is an effective way for banking institutions to deliver multiple services in a low cost channel. By increasing online banking usage and moving customers to use bill pay and paperless statements, banks not only reduce servicing expenses, but also increase the switching costs for customers to another bank. Just think, once someone sets up account alerts and their online bill payments, it’s not an exercise they are going

Winning The Game: How To Become A Moneyball Marketer

In my post last month, I contrasted swing-for-the-fence Powerball Marketers from companies that follow a scientific, Moneyball Marketing discipline. The quick summary is that Powerball Marketing is analogous to gambling, and unfortunately many companies continue to make big bets without investing in data or techniques that could improve their odds. Moneyball Marketers, on the other hand, represent a new breed of analytically driven, outcome-oriented practitioners who use new metrics and

The Role of Search in the Online Credit Card Market

Compete recently held a webinar in which we analyzed the role that search plays in consumers’ online research for credit cards. Using the credit card market as an example, we are able to see how search has become a significant aspect of many consumers’ path to purchase across a variety of products and services. Some of the key findings from this study include: Search activity is frequent 35% of shoppers

American Express Open Forum Leverages Social Media

It is undeniable that social media is an increasingly pervasive medium for interacting with friends and family; evidenced by the fact that Facebook and MySpace are the eighth and tenth most visited sites on the entire web. What is less clear, however, is how effective social media is as a marketing channel. Can brands successfully drive business value from these sites or will they be viewed as artificially entering into

Compete and Google Present: Consumer Credit Cards

With financial and credit markets in turmoil and consumers feeling pinched, it is more important than ever to understand how consumers are thinking about credit cards and managing their debt. Google and Compete, Inc. partnered on a study to analyze consumers’ credit-card related shopping and application behavior, with an emphasis on the role of search. Among other financial troubles, the completed online applications on a whole are down over the

The Housing Crisis Ripples Across the Web

It’s hard these days to be a homeowner. The housing-turned-credit crisis has sharply lowered home values across the country, and the proposed solutions have focused more on major industry players than on deed holders. This week, the New York Times reports that Bernanke’s newest innovation is to lower mortgage rates to a level last seen around the time JFK was sworn in — but it would not apply to current

Taxing Times Ahead

As W4’s began hitting inboxes across the country during Week 3 we started to see some serious traffic to sites related to tax returns. Intuit, H&R Block, and TaxActOnline all saw increases of over 60%, while TurboTax logged 1.3 million visitors — a lift of 56% over the previous week. Leading the taxpack in terms of sheer volume, the IRS website served over 3 million unique visitors looking for the