Cost Savings Message Proves Effective for Retailers

A few weeks ago we wrote a blog about a case study on the effectiveness of two ads Kohl’s ran on the homepage of MSN and the homepage of AOL. Recall that the difference between the two ads Kohl’s ran was that the one on AOL was not the standard 300×250 but a larger IAB ad unit size of 300×600. The larger ad did in fact drive nearly 30% more

Does Ad Size Matter? It Depends What You Do With It

If you’ve visited the homepages of Yahoo!, AOL or MSN in the past couple of months, you may have noticed some really big banner ads. The online publishing industry has been experimenting with new ad sizes and formats lately, and it’s led to some very eye catching advertising. On the left is the ubiquitous "Medium Regular" banner ad that Kohl’s ran on the MSN homepage. On the right is the

Are Dynamic Ads More Effective?

At Compete we’ve recently been digging deeper into online ads. Like our clients, we’ve noticed that banner ads often don’t "click through" like they used to, and we’ve watched the recent outburst in new ad types and are eager to discover which of them will perform best. As if to aid us in our quest, Toyota recently ran two similar but slightly different ads for its new Venza, enabling a

ProFlowers.com Comes Up Smellin’ Like Roses

The days leading up to Valentine’s Day are some of the busiest for online floral retailers (only Mother’s Day is busier). Big money is required to remain competitive in this market. Both 1800-Flowers.com and ProFlowers.com appeared on the homepage of Yahoo! the week prior to Valentine’s Day and Teleflora.com aired a TV spot during the Super Bowl. In the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, each of the top four

A Discussion with Brain Expert Dr. John J Medina

At first glance, interviewing a developmental molecular biologist might seem unusual for the Compete blog. After all, what does the discipline have to do with marketing? It turns out to be very significant. The 12 brain Rules that Dr. John Medina identifies in his book are directly relevant for marketers. As Garr Reynolds put simply in my interview with him: ""¦.his ideas will change the way we all work and