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Big Game Movie Advertiser Scorecard

Several movies made the roughly $3 million investment to advertise at the Big Game this year and now with a full month gone since the Steelers became world champions, it’s a good time to see just what they got for their money. The ten movie ads that aired during the Big Game (including the G.I. Joe spot just before the game) saw highly varied subsequent interest at their official movie

Getting Fit – A Discussion with Dr. John Ratey, M.D.

As marketers we want to, check that, we need to better understand consumers. Dr. John Medina provided his unique perspective on consumer behavior based on his knowledge as a developmental molecular biologist. Dr. John Ratey M.D., author of Spark – The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain looks at consumers through another clinical lens. In these challenging times, with the unemployment rate at its highest since 1992, what

Big Game Ad Effectiveness: Who Scored with Viewers?

At roughly $3 million a spot, this year’s crop of Big Game advertisers relied heavily on humor, feel-good messaging and timely promotions to stand out in this time of economic uncertainty. One measure of the cross-channel effectiveness of these advertisements is the degree to which they drove consumers to the brands’ websites on the day of the game. Here’s how Big Game advertisers ranked based on the change in Daily

Big Game Advertising Working for Go Daddy

The Big Game has become so much more than just the game, and nowhere is that shown better than in the big budget commercials. Brands like Budweiser, Coke, Pepsi and many others have been laying down huge money annually for decades now to have their ads in the big game and they often deliver memorable commercials that keep people talking long after the game. One relatively new player that has

A Discussion with Brain Expert Dr. John J Medina

At first glance, interviewing a developmental molecular biologist might seem unusual for the Compete blog. After all, what does the discipline have to do with marketing? It turns out to be very significant. The 12 brain Rules that Dr. John Medina identifies in his book are directly relevant for marketers. As Garr Reynolds put simply in my interview with him: ""¦.his ideas will change the way we all work and