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Is that any way to make an impression?

"Click fraud" is something we all know to be on guard against, thanks to investigation and reporting that’s extended even into mainstream news.  Based on recent research, we’d encourage advertisers and agencies to be on the lookout for impressions, too, that aren’t 100% genuine.  And we’d urge publishers to work on eliminating "˜bad’ impressions before they create a new round of headaches for all the people who are trying to

Join Compete and CTIA at Mobile Marketing & Advertising special session during CTIA Wireless 2010

In three weeks, the wireless industry will convene in Las Vegas for CTIA Wireless 2010, taking place March 22nd through March 25th. Traditionally, our show is one of the largest in the industry with tens of thousands of attendees, over 400,000 square feet of exhibits and international participation from over 100 countries. The conference gives attendees the opportunity to learn about the latest technologies, discuss industry trends and receive tips

There’s a Plan for That

During the holiday season, VZW launched an assault on AT&T with its "There’s a Map for That Campaign".  The campaign, mocking the "˜There’s an App for that’ phrase used by Apple to advertise the iPhone, focused on AT&T’s lack of nationwide 3G coverage as compared to VZW’s.  AT&T of course couldn’t take that sitting down, and launched a counter attack hailing the advantages of the AT&T network as a whole

People Love Free Pants!

During last week’s Super Bowl, one of the Dockers commercials featured a parade of pantless men marching through a field while cheering "I wear no pants!"Â  At the end of the commercial there was a call to action for men to "wear the pants" and to visit the site for a chance to receive a free pair of pants.  Not surprisingly, there was an immediate online response to this commercial.

Getting good behavior from your ad network

Media planners dwell in a quandary: the efficiencies presented by ad networks and the effectiveness promised by behavioral targeting make perfect sense, but there are hundreds of players in this space and differentiating between them can be difficult.  How good is their inventory?  How good is their targeting?  How can you know — in advance or even after a campaign — whether you’ve made the best choice?

Oscar Mayer Brings Good Mood

With the unemployment rate at 10%, the stock market 30% below its peak from the fall of 2007 and companies continuing to announce layoffs, it can be hard to remain optimistic these days.  However, Oscar Mayer is trying to change that by bringing some cheer with its Good Mood Mission campaign, which is a charity program aimed at feeding the hungry.  Consumers are encouraged to go to their Good Mood

A look under the hood of Ad Impact

Because many of our Ad Impact clients ask “How does Compete see ads?” or “What is it you see?” we decided to answer those questions in this forum with a peek “under the hood.”Â  The “hood” in this case isn’t the one covering our servers or software or algorithms, but the one that covers the big, brilliant Internet itself. If you’re not 100% confident in your understanding of how Web

Pepsi Smartly Shifting Ad Dollars Online

As we approach the New Year, we are also approaching an important date in the world of football, Super Bowl XLIV.  Next year’s Super Bowl is just about six weeks away and NFL players are still battling their way to see which 2 teams will make it to Miami on February 7, 2010.  But already advertisers have made their decisions about advertising in the big game.  Last week, Pepsi made

Insurance Advertising: A Q&A with Jon Swallen, SVP Research TNS Media Intelligence

Compete recently caught up with Jon Swallen, SVP Research, at TNS Media Intelligence, which like Compete, is in the TNS Media group of companies. At TNS MI he oversees the methods and procedures used to measure advertising activity and mines the TNS MI database to produce insights on a wide range of topics relating to the advertising marketplace. He is a sought-after source and expert, and is frequently quoted in

The Myth of Advertising Decay

Sometimes, it seems like omniscience.  With our Ad Impact product, we’re able to measure the impact of advertising exposure on online behavior.  Did an ad lead to more visits, searches, sales?  The answer rests comfortably in Compete’s data.  This gives us an enviable perspective on how (and whether!) specific ads and ad strategies work. But of course, it takes work and experience to turn data and information into intelligence and

Dicing into Facebook Ads

If you are an advertiser who wants to drive large volumes of traffic to your site, there are two important things you are probably looking for:  reach and ease of implementing your campaign.  Facebook meets these qualifications.  It is currently the third largest site online with 125MM visitors in September and it is quickly approaching parity with the #1 and #2 publishers, Google and Yahoo.