TJ Mahony

Not So Fast – Google's Market Share Was Up!

For the second time this week data has been released indicating Google’s share of the search market has declined. Many market analysts have associated Google’s slight stock dips with these reports, so we felt it was prudent to make our data available to confirm or deny Google’s performance. In contrast to the two reports issued by comScore and Hitwise, Compete’s data indicates that Google’s market share actually increased by ½ — Making legislation worth five minutes of your time

Miller Lite launched a male community site,, to connect men and motivate them around voicing a code of conduct for men. is a microsite born from the TV commercials that depict well known celebrities such as, Triple H, Eddie Griffin and Burt Reynolds discussing and voting on man laws. The commercials feature a few funny dilemmas, such as "if a man brings beer to a party and not

The Compete Toolbar – Launch Day!

Today is a big day for us"¦ this morning we launched the new Compete Toolbar and are renaming the blog the "Compete Blog". Consumer Input will continue to be our survey research service, but will no longer host our member community. If you are using the Consumer Input Toolbar you will be receiving a message in the next 24 hours to upgrade to the new Compete Toolbar! Before you give

Listener Supported Radio – Who is Guilty of Not Supporting?

I’m a music guy. I don’t play it. I can’t read it, but shuuuute do I like listening to it. I like music so much that I listen to it all day long at my desk. Although I bolster a digital music collection of over 30 gigs, I still get tired of my own stuff. As a result, when I’m listening to music at work I tune into a great

A Fashion Designer is Born

Pop quiz, what costs less than $20, is worn sparingly and can be found in the hundreds at the bottom of your closet? T-Shirts!!!!! Yes, one of the most prominent forms of abundance is beginning to evolve. Rather than being drawn into the Hard Rock Café (insert random tourist town here) offerings of yester year the people have said "ENOUGH, I’m making my own damn shirt" and that’s exactly what