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Compete's New Years Resolution: Help Mother Earth

Today is the day we all decide to become better people. It’s the day we take inventory of our lives and decide on one thing we can change to improve our health/happiness/career/etc. Today is when we declare our New Year’s resolution. At Compete we have decided to help Mother Earth. After watching An Inconvenient Truth — a film by Al Gore explaining the dangers of the rising planetary climate –

The Long Tail Internet Myth: Top 10 domains aren't shrinking

Today’s post is an extended analysis and perspective on Richard MacManus’s original post. I’m a huge advocate of the Long Tail theory/reality and I even require new members of the team to read Chris Andersen’s book by the same title. The basic premise of the long tail is that the internet has unlocked affordable and available content and product distribution channels that allow "˜non hit’ media (ie. non-mainstream) to

Since you asked: Compete vs Alexa

“Finally, Competition for Alexa.” – Liz Gannes, “I find them more accurate for US sites than Alexa, and a lot easier to read.” – Howard Morgan, WayTooEarly – First Round Capital “New FREE ranking system better then Alexa by far.” – Markus Frind, CEO of “The accuracy of Compete vs Alexa has convinced me to switch.” – Rogelio Choy, Let me be blunt Many people have cheered Compete’s featured at tonight's TechCrunch Party in NYC

It’s been two weeks since was officially launched and things are just getting started. Over the last two weeks we have received hundreds of emails pertaining to: – Requests for APIs – When is weekly information going to be available? – The SnapShot bubbles on your Search engine are annoying me — they are too big – Search! Search! Search! Give us detailed query data – Why do you

Who is the best Jam Band? The people say Pearl Jam

A jam band is a band that tours regularly, doesn’t promote heavily, hasn’t sold-out to corporate sponsors, has a loyal and viral fan-base, improvises on stage"¦and of course rocks. At a recent party the question was proposed, "Post Grateful Dead, who’s the best jam band?" I would have assumed that the clear winner would have been Phish, but the majority of music buffs voted Pearl Jam as the winner. My

Airport Security — Please don't throw my toothpaste out!

Seriously, I have bad breath"¦ The two items I need in my carry-on at all times are toothpaste and mouthwash. In 2002, my breath was so bad that it started melting the passenger window and the plane had to make an emergency landing in a porcelain farm in Mobile, Alabama – true story. Unfortunately for my seat neighbors I don’t know if I can bring my toothpaste on my flights — The internet revealed!

Today we are formally announcing the launch of We quietly launched the service last week to collect feedback from the community and now it’s time open the service to everyone! Why is a big deal? Metrics: First premium web metrics tool made available for free Metrics: The largest, most robust and diverse data source available in the industry Search: First true social search solution leveraging community click-stream information

Shhh — is coming next week!

We wanted to let our readers in on a little secret"¦ Next Tuesday is relaunching. You will notice the site today is dedicated to our corporate site. Well, that is all changing and will become a site that lets you into the world’s largest and most valuable site profile database and our corporate site will move to Compete has terabyte, upon terabyte, upon terabyte of site information

How many ways can MySpace be creepy?

Q: How many ways can MySpace be creepy? A: At the time of the writing of this post, exactly 570 ways — the number of deaths featured on MyDeathSpace The explosive growth of MySpace and the subsequent media coverage has attracted a number of new business models, criminals and legitimate commercial enterprises trying to take advantage of the new forum"¦ And then there is MyDeathSpace, a site dedicated to highlighting

sCommerce – The new Web 2.0 buzz word

Compete is fascinated by the idea of social computing — the idea that millions of people working efficiently together is far more powerful than any computer. To date, MySpace, Facebook, YouTube and Wikipedia have grabbed most of the headlines. These sites have brought millions of people together in an efficient exchange to more easily meet people and find the best news / content / information. The problem is none of hunting in the Amazon: Part I

I will admit, the motivation of this article was ignorance. A few months ago I noticed a TV commercial where the CEO of is standing on the roof of his headquarters toting’s promotion of "10% off prices". I sat on my couch thinking, "done! I’ll just buy all my stuff at from now on". However, my trick ear was acting up and I had simply misinterpreted