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Guest Post: —Vacation Rental Site Leverages Compete Data to Get Started

Guest Author: TJ Mahony, CEO & Co-Founder, (Former Managing Director at Compete) Many moons ago, Carl Query and I helped create After working at Compete for five years and watching it grow from a little start-up to an industry leading web analytics firm, Carl and I decided it was time to start our own company. Armed with a little angel money, an idea and Compete data we set

The Flag Day Challenge

Today is like my birthday, but only a thousand times better. It’s Flag Day!!!! A day where we celebrate the day the American Flag was formally adopted by the Second Continental Congress in 1777. I know"¦ I have goose bumps too. I’m finding many of my Compete colleagues mocking my enthusiasm"¦ in fact, many have challenged me to a Flag Day duel of sorts: Team: "If you can find one

The Torso of the Internet – 1,718 sites are attracting over 1 million visitors

There has been a lot of talk about the "long tail" of the internet. In December we decided to investigate various attributes of the size of the internet and walked away with two primary conclusions: The internet is constantly expanding. In 2006 Compete’s panel visited over 5M unique websites, representing an increase of 77% since 2001. The expansion of the internet is not compromising the growth of larger sites —

TicketMaster and StubHub

TicketMaster is the website you love to hate. It has nearly monopolized the event ticket industry and makes a nice chunk of change on every ticket it sells by charging a delivery fee, a convenience fee, a save the unicorns fee and a fee for charging the fees. TicketMaster has enjoyed its market dominance, but has recently seen StubHub nipping at its heels. (To accurately represent the situation this is A really expensive piece of gum

Several weeks ago a new "social network for the family" called Geni, made the headlines with a big time valuation of $100M. Pundits are going back and forth on whether Geni’s valuation is reasonable or gonzo. I could not help but investigate so I jumped into Geni and began playing around. I found Geni to be like a piece of gum. It tasted great at first, but quickly wore off. Announces the only Attention-Based Web Metrics

For the last few months we have made several posts using a new metric we refer to as Attention. We created our Attention metric because all of us in online marketing need a better way to gauge the influence of a site beyond unique visitors, page views and "visits". While these are all critical pieces of the puzzle that is the web, they all also have their short comings. Today

How to predict Google's future – two simple tips

DomainTools published an interesting blog post identifying the various domains Google has registered over the last six years. After a careful read and a less careful analysis I determined it could be possible to predict Google’s future by: Monitoring Google’s domain registrations on a "whois" service such as DomainTools. Playing around with SearchMash a few times a month, noting any experience adjustments, and assessing their economic impacts. The majority of

Compete Search Has a New Face

We released a number of changes on today – the most noteworthy of which were focused on Compete Search. Although Compete never intends to take on Google, we do have access to useful information to help augment and improve people’s search experience. Highlighted Compete Search Enhancements: More results: We overhauled the backend to provide more results, faster"¦ SnapShot Previews: Many people use Search as a navigation tool and enter – How to reach a million people for free

In 1998, Bill Gross started a revolutionary new search engine called GoTo which allowed marketers to pay for search placement. GoTo became Overture, created the business of paid search, and was acquired by Yahoo. Google quickly adopted the paid search model, grew to become the largest search engine on the web and now stands side-by-side with Yahoo as one of the most prominent Internet properties in the world. Bill is

Announcing: The Compete Attention 200™

More and more, our clients and readers have asked us to develop a better metric for measuring the performance of their web channels and planning their online media investments. Although unique visitors and page views are critical pieces of the puzzle that is the web — these metrics often fail to accurately measure engagement on sites using technologies such as online video and AJAX. Unfortunately, defining a universal "engagement metric"

What Sites Are People Researching on

A few quick facts for you: 75: The number of days has existed 150,000: Visitors to 300,000: SnapShot views requested since launch 40,000: Unique domains that have been analyzed on SnapShot 40,000 domains!!! As you can imagine, we asked ourselves, "what sites are people researching the most" — below are the Top 10 most analyzed domains on SnapShot. Top Requested SnapShots at TJ’s Comments  Check out