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Registering To Be the Biggest Baby (Brand) Online

The online channel is important for every brand, but it is especially important in the baby category. Brands are fighting to establish a relationship with new and expectant parents, in hopes of establishing a long term relationship with that consumer that they hope to span multiple children. This week, we decided to take a look at one of the best ways to build loyalty with new or expectant parents…

Booking.com’s Search Strategy Deserves 5 Stars

Image from: Hotel Image / Shutterstock Very few sites can boast the enviable curves, and pitch-deck-esque trend lines of Booking.com’s traffic. With more than quintuple the amount of traffic from June 2 years ago, Booking seems to have the online traffic acquisition game pinned down.  This should come as no surprise considering Booking.com falls under the Priceline.com umbrella, another perennial powerhouse in the Online Travel Agency category.  As long as

Weight Watchers Stays Top of Mind for the Health Conscious

Image from: Weight Loss Image / Shutterstock Summer is 8 days away, and that New Year’s Resolution to shed some pounds and get ready for summer ahead of time is firmly in the rearview for most of us (and probably completely forgotten by still more!).  A quick check of my own mid-section tells me I probably could have done a better job monitoring my fitness this winter, and while my

Is Display Passing The Test For Online Universities?

With people working longer hours than ever, it’s no surprise many are turning to online universities for their higher education needs. The allure of getting that shiny new degree, coupled with the ability to do it on your own terms, and on your own schedule, makes online education a tempting option for many busy professionals. There’s no shortage of advertising being put forth by schools like University of Phoenix…

Entertainment junkies flock to Ticketmaster, Fandango and StubHub

Image from: Ticket Image / Shutterstock With the summer concert season upon us, and lots of great shows coming to Compete HQ’s hometown of Boston in the next few months, there’s a ton of buzz online about the best shows, and the best venues.  I wouldn’t mind checking out some of my favorite artists this summer, and maybe catch a Sox game or two.  Where does a fan go if

Gifts.com: Helping Gift Givers and Retail Sites Alike

Image from: Gifts Image / Shutterstock With Mother’s Day in the not-so-distant past, and Father’s day on the near horizon, there is no shortage of places to search for, and buy gifts online.  For those of us who are a bit “gifting challenged” there are also a few services out there that will help us find something for the guy or girl who has everything. The “Gift Gurus” over at

Publishers Clearing House: Giving away money to make money?!

Image from: PCH We’ve all seen the videos online, where a TV crew pulls up to some lucky, unsuspecting household and they roll up to the doorstep with a bunch of balloons and a check the size of highway billboard to make someone rich.  The first thing that always pops into my mind when I come across these clips is “can you cash those checks at the bank?”  The second

John Deere Mows Down the Competition

Image from: Lawn Tractor Buyers Guide With the first weekend of May under our belts in Boston, spring is in full bloom, and its time to turn our attention towards what needs to be done now that the weather is improving.  Grills need to be cleaned, beer needs to be picked up from the “packy,” as we say up these parts, and stomachs need to be prepped for the inevitable

Nothing Trashy About Waste Management’s Web Traffic

Image from: Trash Can Image / Shutterstock If, like me, you’re a fan of AMC, and look forward to Sunday nights filled with Zombies, meth dealing high school teachers and murder mysteries you may have checked out the new series The Pitch last night. If, like me, you’re also in the marketing or advertising industry, you may have had the new series scheduled for the DVR weeks ago.  The show

Looking for Love Online

Image from: Online Dating Image / Shutterstock With more than 2.5 billion, with a B, minutes spent on dating sites last month, it’s quite clear online dating is here to stay.  More people are finding Mr. or Mrs. Right than ever online, and with so many success stories, it’s no surprise sites like Match.com & eHarmony continue to pull in millions of love seeking consumers every month. With Compete PRO,

Real estate aggregators Trulia and Zillow dominate the online home hunt

Image from: Real Estate Image / Shutterstock As the real estate market in the U.S. continues steadily gaining a slow momentum, it’s becoming increasingly clear potential homebuyers have moved online to look for their dream homes.  Gone are the days of contacting a real estate agent first, and letting them do the leg work required to find the right houses to look into.  With sites like Trulia and Zillow, consumers