Stephen DiMarco

Get Naked with Larry Weber!

As our blog has grown, (we’re one of the top marketing blogs according to Ad Age!), people have suggested that we start to interview the interesting folks that we interact with at Compete. So picking up on the Wired cover story on transparency earlier this year, today we’re launching our "Get Naked" interview series to give our readers a peek into some of the top thought leaders that are shaping

Measurement, Engagement and Attention

In this video, Jeremiah and Eric Peterson take us (and Charlene Li) to task on Attention and Engagement. We are glad that made it into their conversation about Attention and Engagement; looks like our Scoble interviews increased awareness of’s usefulness for online competitive intelligence and measurement! We’re hell-bent on using our clickstream and survey capabilities to come up with universal metrics in these two areas (frameworks are key,

Dolphins on a diet: Nutrisystems January results foreshadow Q1 miss

It’s good to see Dan Marino and Don Shula working together again, this time pitching weight loss programs for NutriSystem. Yet despite revenue growth of 166% last year, the stock has dipped 30% following a cloudy Q1 outlook from NutriSystem management. This is troubling since January is to the weight-loss market what the fourth quarter is to retailers (and quarterbacks). Is this another case of the Dolphin curse, or will

Buy or Sell: Top Retailers Q4 Online Sales Results

After six months of steady gains, Q4 earnings season is upon us. This means that message boards are aflutter with insider tips about which retailers knocked the ball out of the park in Q4 and which ones, well, whiffed. Over the course of the last three weeks, people went to the finance forums at Yahoo!, MSN or AOL more than 6 million times to get the scoop on what to