Stephanie Knopf

Is GPS a Google Maps and MapQuest Killer?

Despite carrying along my GPS navigation unit and an iPhone, with its featured Google Maps widget, I did not feel fully comfortable embarking on my drive until I also had my Mapquest directions printout laid out next to me. While I imagine many people may find it overkill to have both a GPS and printed directions, I wondered whether I was the only GPS owner still relying on online maps.

Banking to Go: What’s holding Smartphone owners back from banking apps

Smartphone applications have been receiving a lot of buzz lately. Banks are not sitting on the sidelines: according to ABI Research, a technology research firm, the number of US banks offering mobile banking will jump from 245 in 2008 to 614 this year. The supply of mobile banking applications is increasing rapidly, but what does demand look like? Do Smartphone owners want to manage their finances from their phones? As