Shabduli Purav

The Wallet Wars — Round 5

In the earlier blogs I talked about trends among credit card owners. What about people who are in market for credit cards? Are they seeking features similar to what current credit card owners find appealing? What resources do they use when they shop? Where do they apply? What are they looking for? Features shoppers sought in credit cards are illustrated in Chart 1. Shoppers were asked to rank the features

The Wallet wars — Round 4 — Features attractive to specific segments

Round 3 recap: Overall, credit card owners find "˜zero annual fees’ the most appealing credit card feature. While on average, some form of reward — reward points, bonus on purchases, cash back, and airline miles — is more appealing than low interest rates. A credit card issuer would be interested in not only what is popular overall but also which features are most appealing to specific segments. For example, which

The Wallet wars — Round 3 — Preferred card features

Round 2 recap: An average American credit card holder owns 4.4 credit cards, of which only 2 cards are used frequently; the others are rarely or never used. Hence a credit card has to compete with other credit cards for share of wallet. While deciding which card to use for a purchase, there are primarily two groups of card owners: 1. Those who have a primary card that they regularly

The Wallet Wars — Round 2 — Which card to use?

The Wallet Wars — Round 2 — Which card to use? In Wallet wars — Part 1 I talked about the competition between credit cards, debit cards and cash. However, a credit card does not just have to compete with debit cards and cash — it also has to compete with other credit cards that the cardholder carries! For credit card issuers already wrestling with implications of the Credit Card

The Wallet Wars — Part 1

Ever wondered how people use credit cards, debit cards and cash? Which is used more often? How do people choose between these while making a payment? 181M Americans are predicted to own credit cards in 2010[1]. At the same time debit cards also seem to be widely used. I was curious to understand what the trends in this segment really were. At Compete we decided to analyze this segment and

Bank Stress Test Results Out: Were the tests successful?

The results of the stress tests conducted on some of the nation’s largest banks were announced on the 7th of May. The tests were intended to distinguish the "˜strong’ banks from the "˜weak,’ and to instill confidence in the market. Of the nineteen banks that were stress-tested, nine banks were deemed "˜strong’ while ten were asked to raise more capital in case the recession runs deeper and longer than expected.