Seth Madison

From G.I. Joe to Jakten PÃ¥ Hukommelsen: How do searches differ across movie genres?

In the summer, nothing beats a trip to the movies. I don’t have air conditioning, so the movie theater provides a welcome relief from the heat and a cheap two hours of entertainment. Not to mention the fact that there is something comforting about a huge blockbuster with a big audience and greasy popcorn. Alas, the summer blockbuster season is drawing to a close and analysts are saying that the

Is Hulu’s "Evil Plot to Take Over the World" Working?

I’ve never paid for cable. It’s not that I don’t enjoy TV. I do enjoy it, perhaps a little too much, which is why I’ve always thought it better to steer clear of cable and satellite services. For a while I led a happy existence — reading books, frolicking in the sunshine, and maintaining a marginal degree of intelligence. Then Hulu came along with its "evil plot to destroy the

Are Consumers Giving Up P2P in Favor of Industry Sanctioned Download Sites?

The online channel, originally considered a threat to the music and movie industries, has become an increasingly important distribution channel. Over the last several years, we’ve seen more and more industry-sanctioned content download sites. Services like eMusic, Napster (the legal version), Rhapsody, and iTunes have grown their inventories and membership. At the same time, companies that used to peddle hard copies of their respective media are turning to the online