Sarah Friedman

How You Can Use Keyword Insights to Drive Audience Attention

In the digital space, consumers need relevant information, and brands need to win clicks and attention by using relevant keyword data…

The State of Search 2016 [NEW REPORT]

Our latest report, The State of Search 2016, dives into the current state of search marketing and how brands can enhance their digital footprint…

Webinar Replay: Black Friday & Cyber Monday Analysis

In this webinar, our Customer Success team walked through how you can use Compete PRO to analyze your post Black Friday and Cyber Monday results…

Target’s Competitive Price Comparison

Just ahead of holiday season, Target has updated its price-matching policy, allowing for customers to find the best deals on the spot…

Using Compete PRO and Google Analytics

Google Analytics and Compete PRO together give you a well-rounded view of your site’s activity, and your competition…

Analysts: Here are 5 Ways to Tell a Story with Reporting

In this blog post, we’ll show you 5 quick ways to add color to your reports, and enable your team to take immediate action based on your analytical findings.

The Research that Matters: Become an Expert in your Space

In order to make informed strategy optimization, it is crucial to have an in-depth understanding of online trends for your competitors and your industry. Becoming an expert in the digital landscape is easy with the right tools.

Salespeople: Find the Right Opportunities

Eliminate the noise by utilizing a platform like Compete PRO to build a strong, relevant prospect lists, qualify the most important potential opportunities and uncover the most crucial times for productive outreach.

Search Marketers: Take the Guesswork Out of Keyword Research

With the Compete PRO and our new Search Share feature, keyword research becomes simplified and streamlined.

Compete PRO for Agencies: Part 1

Based on feedback directly from Compete PRO customers, we’ve identified three major needs in the Agency space that we’ve got some solutions for. Today, we’ll take a look at the first major need: How Can I Easily Find Growth Opportunities?

Tell A Story: Pitch New Opportunities Using Data

On Wednesday March 18th, the Compete PRO Customer Success team will host a 30 minute webinar to help make you an expert in identifying opportunities and taking action using data.