Ryan Carrigg

NFL vs. MLB vs. NBA vs. NHL

For much of America, present company included, each season has a sport associated with it. Spring and summer mean baseball games, hot dog in one hand and a cold beer in the other. In the fall, Sunday is a day devoted to NFL football games, eating a bowl of chili and sipping on a cold beer. And in the winter months basketball fans and hockey fans are in heaven (with

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from the Compete team!

Paparazzi 2.0: They have pictures, we have clicks

It’s not all about search engine market share, conversion rate, campaign tracking, product demand, etc., etc. at Compete. We also enjoy looking into the clickstream crystal ball to see what’s going on in popular culture. On the heels of Britney Spears’ well "documented" birthday stunt, we were curious who was garnering all the attention in Hollywood land. We looked at eonline.com and measured which celebrity on its Top Ten list

November data has been released on SnapShot

We just wanted to let you know that November data is live on SnapShot.

Face to Face, Again

Back in April we mentioned the face recognition site MyHeritage.com. The buzz surrounding this site has since then led to a significant increase in people visiting and utilizing the technology. In October, 2006, MyHeritage.com achieved the one million people per month mark. Earlier this year, a picture of me yielded matches to Martin Luther King Jr., Luciano Pavarotti, and late Prime Minister of India Rajiv Gandhi. With the recent rampant

Jagshemash! Borat successful at other's expense??

Completely offensive, extremely controversial, and unbelievably hilarious, the Borat movie has officially become a cultural phenomenon. And with reports of lawsuits from unwitting cast members popping up on The Smoking Gun and elsewhere, the adage that there’s no such thing as bad publicity is proving to be true. The controversy has helped push the film to #1 at the box office for two weeks running. But that success has also

Buy.com hunting in the Amazon: Part II

Part I Summary: In September of 2005, Scott Blum, the CEO of Buy.com announced in a TV commercial that his online shopping site would offer 10% off Amazon‘s prices on books. Recently we analyzed Buy.com’s “10% off Amazon prices” campaign to measure the effectiveness of this David vs. Goliath approach. We found: After launching the campaign, Buy.com’s traffic grew relatively faster compared to Amazon.com during last year’s holiday season. The

Are you ready for some football?

Football season is now officially in full swing, and fans are showing their loyalty by visiting the sites of the more popular teams in the NFL. Leading the way are The Dallas Cowboys, coming in as the most popular site of any NFL team and truly earning their title of America’s Team. No surprise here, really, with the combination of the always entertaining Terrell Owens and the always pleasant Cowgirl

Rain or Shine

As the seasons change, from summer to fall, people all over the country rely upon the weather forecast to plan golf outings, tailgating, bike rides, and morning strolls. Weather is fairly unique in that it affects everyone. Whether you are up North and deciding which parka to wear or down south and contemplating SPF 15 or 30, having the forecast at your fingertips is very useful. As such, Web sites

The Rivalry

Let me preface this post by saying that this is one of the most painful things I have ever had to do. On July 25 I proclaimed that the Boston Red Sox would defeat the New York Mets in this year’s World Series. Well, two months later it is safe to say I was wrong. As of August 5, 2006 both the Red Sox and the Yankees sat atop the

All Bets Are Off

Online gambling companies have recently come under serious scrutiny. Some states, like Louisiana, are issuing and executing arrest warrants for top officials employed by overseas gambling sites. Just ask Peter Dicks, the former chairman of SportingBet, who was arrested several weeks ago. On top of that, a new bill, which easily passed through the House, is currently sitting in the Senate and would effectively prevent US credit card companies and