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Amazon.com: Father's Day Gift Solutions

As noted in a previous post, Mother’s Day sends consumers to online flower vendors in droves. Every year, sites like 1800flowers.com experience huge growth surrounding the celebration of mom. But what about Father’s Day? You can’t get dad a bouquet of flowers, can you? As a result, Father’s Day is much more of an offline event than its female counterpart. Consumers are more likely to go a brick-and-mortar Best Buy

Blockbuster to offer free subscriptions?

With a larger customer-base, it is no surprise that Netflix.com grabs more monthly unique visitors and Attention* than Blockbuster.com. While the new kid on the online block has certainly cut into Netflix’s market share, the incumbent remains the clear leader when using Compete metrics.

The Flower Battle of Mother's Day

As Mother’s Day fast approaches people everywhere scurry to the web to order flowers for mom. As a result, our collective attention sways heavily towards the major players in the online flower vending space. A quick search for flowers yielded prominent links to 1800flowers.com (effective domain name!), proflowers.com, ftd.com, and millions others of course. In taking a look at people visits to these big three over the past couple of

Zipcar Making Moves

Recently we took a look at some of the environmentally-conscious sites of the web. One that we didn’t mention was Zipcar.com. Zipcar makes strides towards a cleaner planet by supplying shareable cars, thus lowering the number of vehicles on the road emitting harmful gases into the atmosphere. I’m a zipcar member and I must say I love the service. I’m pulling for these guys and although they are not huge

March SnapShot Data is Live!

March SnapShot Data is live! Be sure to check out the new daily data that is available under the Engagement and Growth tabs.

Netflix vs. Blockbuster: A heated debate between two extremists

I am a devout Netflix user. My coworker, Andy, raves about the new Blockbuster service. For today’s post we were able to take a closer look at the habits of the users of the two online movie rental sites. Using Compete data we created a list of the top 10 most browsed movies on the two competing sites. Using these lists Andy and I will objectively debate which service is

Check out January data now on SnapShot.

Jobster and Facebook Partnering?

The best way to recruit new talent is to leverage the referrals of your current employees. Jobster has set out to apply this viral system to online job search and recruiting. By sprinkling some Web 2.0 pixie dust on existing job board models, Jobster is hoping to enter a space that has to date been dominated by the likes of Monster and Careerbuilder. Back in the summer Myspace partnered with

Stickam is the new MySpace?

If you have not logged into Stickam.com, it’s probably because you are not a teenager. The New York Times recently reported that Stickam, a new social networking site, has around 50,000 registered users who are between the ages of 14 — 17. For those that are not familiar with Stickam, it is essentially MySpace with Web cameras. Members converse with friends and potential friends via real time video feeds. Obviously

December data has been released on SnapShot

Check out December data now on SnapShot.

Technorati Holding Its Ground Against Google

Hitwise recently released data claiming that Google Blog Search surpassed Technorati in market share of US Internet visits during the week ending 12/23/06. The report found its way on to many prominent insight sources (GigaOM, Battellemedia, and Techcrunch), but did not align with Compete data. We wanted to share our observations before anyone starts shorting Technorati. To the point"¦. Based on Compete data, Technorati continues to hold a significant lead