Ryan Carrigg

Frequent Flier Site Performance

We recently saw how effective rewards sites could be for hotels, but is it still working for the airlines, whose frequent flier programs have been rewarding repeat customers for more than two and a half decades? These programs are still going strong – an effective airline rewards program and accompanying online rewards site can greatly diminish cross-shopping and lost-bookings. The program with the greatest online presence, Delta’s SkyMiles, attracts nearly

Driving Loyalty with Hotel Rewards Sites

Judging by how often I’m asked to join a rewards program when booking any sort of trip, it’s clear that their popularity is on the rise in the travel industry. But just how effective are they? Hotel Rewards websites, such as Marriott Rewards or IHG’s Priority Club, can attract hundreds of thousands of visitors each month. The largest hotel supplier reward site, Marriott Rewards, engages 19% of the total traffic

TripAdvisor Poised For Success

TripAdvisor.com, the largest travel community on the web and one of the hottest sites within the travel category, has shown impressive growth after a 2008 site redesign. Like most travel-related sites, TripAdvisor.com experienced a lull in activity in the winter months of 2007. However, since January 2008 an average of 6.6 million US unique visitors have viewed the pages of TripAdvisor. In May 2008 TripAdvisor’s US audience was 7 million

WAYN.com's Success in the US and the Release of WAYN Desktop

WAYN.com (Where Are You Now?), a UK-based travel social networking site has recently made successful inroads within the US online population. In hopes of increasing member-engagement WAYN announced WAYN Desktop in September, an application designed to help users more easily upload photos and manage their accounts. Below is a synopsis of the popularity of the varying content areas of WAYN.com, as well as an early-stage look at download interest of

Netflix vs. Blockbuster: Q3 Earnings Reports and Digital Delivery Strategies

If you have had a chance to read the Q3 Earnings Reports for both Netflix and Blockbuster you undoubtedly noted the glaring difference in strategies between the two competitors. While Netflix continues to concentrate on growing subscriptions, Blockbuster has decided to less narrowly focus on the online channel and continue to use the brick-and-mortar stores as its competitive advantage. Both camps, however, plan to further invest in the new digital

Launch Analysis: Tripadvisor Travel Network

The News: In June, TripAdvisor introduced Traveler Network, a social-networking platform that allows users to connect with fellow travelers and share their experiences. Members exchange pictures and videos from previous trips and offer advice on where to go and what to see for future adventures. Compete Analysis: In its early stages, Traveler Network has quickly caught on with over 42,000 US travelers signing up in July alone. Showing momentum, the

The Anatomy of a MySpace Scam

Recently, my Gmail inbox has received "New MySpace Comment" alert emails much more frequently than usual. Oddly, these comments are often times posted by Friends who rarely, if ever, converse with me via MySpace. Without fail, upon logging in to the social networking giant I find something similar to the image to the right has been posted on my page. There is a picture (that looks like a video) coupled

Yapta: Your Amazing Personal Travel Assistant

Yapta (Your Amazing Personal Travel Assistant), a new online travel startup, is looking to change how consumers compare and shop for flights. Users who download free Yapta software are able to tag specific flights as they research on online travel agencies and suppliers, the details of which are then saved to Yapta. Once tagged, Yapta keeps track of prices for the selected trips, silently returning to check prices, and then

The Roaming Gnome vs. The Negotiator

Amidst the increasingly competitive world of Online Travel Agencies, an interesting battle has emerged between two unlikely spokespersons: Priceline’s Negotiator and Travelocity’s Roaming Gnome. In recent months this skirmish has moved to a new Web 2.0 arena – MySpace. In June, Priceline announced they would join their competitor with the release of a dedicated MySpace page. Since this announcement Priceline’s Negotiator page has captured more unique visitors than Travelocity’s Roaming

Netflix's Watch Now Tops the Online On Demand Movie Market

As we know, Netflix.com stands on top of the online video rental industry. Using U.S. monthly unique visitors as a proxy for subscriber-base, and thus overall success, Netflix currently doubles the closest contender, Blockbuster.com. However, when you are atop any e-commerce industry you cannot become complacent. The second you loose your innovative edge you will become obsolete like the ’07 Yankees (oh snap!). Back in January, Netflix released its Watch

A Look at Domain-Squatting

A recent Business 2.0 article offered a behind the scenes look at the highly lucrative and controversial business of domain-squatting. Featured in this piece was Kevin Ham, a man who has made a fortune simply by driving people to the sponsored links and ads on sites like Agoga.com. Out of nowhere Agoga quickly ramped up to more than 1.5 million page views per month. Every time browsers click on one