Ryan Burke

Wanted Dead or Alive: The iPhone Killer

Just got back from CTIA in Vegas, and I have to admit I was a bit disappointed this year. There were very few of the blockbuster product launches typical of the show. In the ever-present race to discover the elusive "˜iPhone killer’, there were only a few notable device announcements (Sprint’s Samsung Instinct being a highlight), even though a number of companies positioned their next device as the latest and

Social Networking: Still space for one more profile?

Both mobile phones and online social networks keep today’s consumers connected, and their roles seem to be converging. Currently, wireless content providers are in a position that could enable them to leverage the unique properties of mobility in combination with the power of social networking to reach the desirable segment of downtimers; the 28 million US adults who have jobs with significant downtime that do not sit in front of

Mobile TV: Just about ready for primetime

As wireless carriers launch broadcast services like mediaFLO and the search for a target market begins, both carriers and publishers can immediately cater to the untapped well of downtimers, the 28 million US adults who have jobs with significant downtime that do not sit in front of a computer all day. These 28 million consumers can view content during work hours where there is little competition for them from other

Are Consumers Ready (To Pay) For The iPhone?

From the desk of Compete’s Wireless practice. With a first glance at holiday shopping behavior, there seems to be a fertile opportunity for the much anticipated iPhone. With over 33% of all wireless phones now being music enabled, Compete found that holiday interest in music phones made up over 53% of all December cellphone shopping interest. There were just over 3 million total music phone shoppers in December, and almost

Let MySpace Open the Door

In September, NewsCorp COO Peter Chermin said that "˜most’ of YouTube’s traffic comes from Chermin’s MySpace property. Traffic being referred between two of the highest profile sites on the internet is nothing new, but when it potentially influences the suite of services catering to the insatiable teen audience that Chermin purchased, you pull up a chair. "Given that most of their traffic comes from us, if we build adequate, if