Roberto Iturralde

Truth in Engineering"¦ and Marketing

The financial crash of 2008 hit few industries harder than automotive.  We saw timeless US automotive manufacturers file for bankruptcy while others experienced record sales declines.  Despite this, some brands, like Audi, were able to weather the storm better than others.  How?  In part, thanks to successful marketing.  I first started paying attention to the brand after seeing a creative, futuristic commercial about a year ago.  Beginning in a dimly

Shoes, Drinks, and All-Wheel-Drive

On June 1st, DC Shoes released what became a viral video of their sponsored rally racer, Ken Block, tearing through a Los Angeles wharf in a custom built Subaru WRX. After it blasts out of a warehouse, the modified rally car screeches around cinder blocks and between steel freight containers — narrowly missing every obstacle. Videos like this, with their raw camera angles and Matrix-like slow-motion, bring out the dare