Robert Raiford

Huffington Post Still Growing Post-Election

Politico’s Michael Calderon recently discussed the success of the Huffington Post, noting the Center for America Progress’ Eric Alterman referencing the site as a ""˜community newspaper’ for the liberal community." The site has gained considerable popularity since its launch four years ago, so we looked at how the Huffington Post compared to other popular left-leaning blogs and liberal websites as a whole using the new behavior segment features available with

Volunteerism Interest Increases Online – Obama Influence or Economy?

Following the spirit of service promoted by her husband’s administration, Michelle Obama recently opened the National Conference on Volunteering and Service in San Francisco, speaking to the importance of volunteering. The First Lady announced a summer-long program — "˜United We Serve’ — stressing the importance of including civic service in lives of Americans. Despite the fact that the administration’s volunteer initiatives as still taking shape, we can already see some