Rob Chapman

Competition is Cool for Consumers, Especially in Online Banking

Banking fees: I hate them. More and more of these fees are getting added onto my banking statement and it is bothersome. It’s getting difficult to find a bank that does not have some kind of fee associated with its banking products. However, one bank is making online banking easier and less costly for the customer, and doing so with restrictions placed upon it by the government. With Compete’s data

Are Your Financials Minty Fresh?

In July, we posted a blog about the rising traffic of the finance sections of the major portals (e.g. Yahoo! Finance, MSN MoneyCentral). In the blog, we hypothesized that the increase in online interest for financial research and information is contributing to increased interest by people researching their personal finances online as people are taking a closer tab on their finances these days. This interest caused me to take a

Liberty Mutual Purchases Safeco

This past week Liberty Mutual said it would buy the Seattle-based insurer Safeco for $6.2 billion, bumping Liberty Mutual up from 6th place to be the 5th largest property and casualty insurer in the US. With the addition of Safeco, Liberty Mutual expands its brand in the western US by adding Safeco’s extensive network of agents. As always, our question is how will this impact the online business for both

Searching for the Green Consumer

In November of 2007, Bank of America collaborated with Brighter Planet to introduce a "Green" Credit Card. Consumers earn points on the card that helps build community based renewable energy projects. Since the card is environmentally friendly, it makes sense that it would attract the attention of those consumers who are environmentally conscious and in turn show that behavior on the internet. What better way for a bank to reach