Pashmeena Hilal

Battling the Cold and Flu Blues

Image from: Anelina / Shutterstock It’s a balmy 57 degrees here in the northeast corridor and it brought back memories of what it felt like last spring to take my jacket off for the first time and smell the fresh air. It also reminded me that I didn’t suffer from the infamous cold/flu that I typically suffer from in years past. What’s happening in the cold and flu space? Did

What Your Beauty Shopper Craves Under the Tree

Image from: Nixx Photography / Shutterstock It’s that time of year where the ladies of the house are not only looking for something shiny but something to help add some shine to themselves!  Year after year we try to think of the best gifts to give the beauty lover in our life – and sometimes we just end up getting a gift certificate (which will prove out to not be

Health and Beauty Buyers Search for Deals – and Require Extra Pampering

This post was published by Click Z – Marketing News and Expert Advice on July 26, 2011. Thanks for the feature! Health and beauty shopping activity online was in full swing this spring. Marketers looking for ways to increase visits and purchase rates for their e-store may want to listen to the ever growing and savvy health and beauty shopper. According to Compete’s Shopper Intelligence Survey, 25 percent of online

Casey Anthony Drives Serious Chatter and Attention to

Unless you have shut yourself off entirely from the media world, Casey Anthony has become a hot topic of conversation and debate.  It seems as though everyone has an opinion to share on the case and what they would have done if they were a juror (just scroll through your first few updates on Facebook). So although we can all talk the talk about Casey Anthony, she actually makes some

Big Game Ads Increase Reach for Advertised Websites… They Also Induce Hunger

Obviously we have all heard the banter and rage about commercials from the Big Game.  I decided to check out Adweek to see how they ranked the top 5 spots and how each spot faired in daily reach.  The chart below takes a look at daily reach, the results are nothing less than amazing, proving that the one goal that advertisers try to accomplish during the Big Game was met. 

Daily Reach vs. The Gap Logo Swap:

As we all know the Gap logo is back to the way it always has been. How did daily reach get affected during the swap out stint? See the red circle above on October 4th; this is the date of the “new” logo release. Reach was the highest it has been in the past 6 months, meaning on that date was visited, amongst the IBP, higher than…

Online Beauty Retailing: Can the door-to-door make up sales representative ever be replaced by online?

We all remember Avon and MaryKay, especially their representatives, typically pulling up to your house with a branded car and chotchkies to share.  It seems as though they had a great offline and personal selling strategy.  Today, both retailers have made their mark just like many other beauty retailers by championing both sides of the fence and extending online.  The key note for these two retailers is they have tried