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Droid, Chapter 2: The Incredible

It’s here folks, "the next chapter in the Droid Saga" (to quote Verizon Wireless).  The Incredible by HTC is the latest Android phone released at Verizon.  After the success we saw with the Droid at the end of 2009, it made me wonder how the Incredible has fared in attracting interest prior to launch.  To do so, I started by comparing the volume of traffic to each phone’s microsite in

Droid Really Does

The Motorola Droid is here.  And though I’m a little disappointed it didn’t actually arrive via Stealth Bomber, it did come in with a bang.  From all of the buzz online and an aggressive advertising campaign, Verizon Wireless has declared the Droid as the poster child of its new line of phones running Google’s Android OS. Speaking of Android, remember the T-Mobile G1 from last fall?  There was a ton

Did the iPhone 3G S Steal the Palm Pre’s Thunder?

I must admit, I am quite taken with the Palm Pre. The hype, predictably, has been enormous. And the handset itself is very well put together. Online reviews rave about it. After playing with my friend’s new Pre, I have to agree with them: it is one cool handset. But before the Pre could bask in the media spotlight for long, Apple whooshed in two days later to announce its

Will Consumers Flip for the Newest Member of the BlackBerry Family?

I love new cell phone releases — a new cell phone makes me as happy as a kid in a candy store! Partly because I study cell phones here at Compete, but I also love these nifty little contraptions and all of the fun stuff we can do with them these days. Every new cell phone model boasts cooler features and smarter applications then its predecessors. Still, the allure of

Superhero"¦ Phones? Cell Phone Microsites Ride the Hype of Big Summer Movies

Have you noticed lately how many microsites (sites designated for a specific type of content) are dedicated to cell phones? Manufacturers are getting the "bug" and creating interactive microsites to market their hot new phones. Some of the biggest cell phone releases of late have been tied with the hyped summer movies: namely Iron Man and Batman: The Dark Knight. (Don’t worry, no spoilers here!) Microsites are certainly not a

Have YOU been to the Alltel Man Cave yet?

By now you’ve probably seen the new Alltel branding campaign Head-to-Head on TV. In the ads, Chad, the cool Alltel rep, does battle with the geeky, dorky and all-together uncool "sales guys" from the Big 4 carriers. Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile seem to make it their life mission to take down Chad and Alltel. And, of course, they’re always unsuccessful. Not a bad branding campaign for standing out

Obopay: Turning your cell phone into a wallet or just a cellular fad?

Obopay is the new way to send money"¦ over your phone! This online company has designed a system for sending money via text message, your mobile phone’s internet browser, or an application downloaded on your phone. Just sign up for your free account, wire some cash into your new "cell phone wallet" (i.e. an Obopay account), and you’re good to go! So who’s interested in Obopay? AT&T customers are 20%