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Different Thinker Steve Jobs Resigns as Apple CEO

Disclaimer: I have been called an Apple fanboy. I find it to be a rather silly label (not just for me, but for fans of anything) – but I won’t deny that Apple has been my favorite company in the tech space for a long time. While I happily use Windows regularly at home and work, my first computer was the old-school Apple IIGS, and I’ve been strongly in the

Nintendo and Sony Experience Attention Gains, For Very Different Reasons

It’s now been a month since Nintendo dropped its latest video game innovation at this year’s E3 Expo – the Nintendo Wii U, its next major console release.  After being criticized by “hardcore” gamers for the last 5 years for offering a system with relatively underpowered graphics and an innovative, but limited controller system, Nintendo fought back with the Wii U.  Offering full HD quality graphics was a given –

CES Round-up: Motorola Mobility’s Increased Visibility

The International Consumer Electronics Show is like an extra Christmas for those of us who follow the world of gadgets and 2011’s Show was no exception.  Among the more exciting announcements were Sony bringing a consumer-level 3D camcorder to the market, Verizon announcing a powerful 4G smartphone lineup, and Toshiba displaying a 3DTV that doesn’t require 3D glasses.  Motorola Mobility was undoubtedly one of the biggest presences at CES 2011,

Summer of Smartphones — iPhone 4 vs. EVO star in the Apple/Android Battle

Since the original iPhone launched in June of 2007, the summer months have typically played host to a wide variety of major smartphone launches. In recent years, we’ve seen second and third generation iPhone releases, the launch of Samsung’s Instinct, and debut of Palm’s webOS with the launch of the Pre — all in the month of June.  This year is no exception, with the launch of the HTC EVO

Android Finally Begins to Erode iPhone's Interest Share

Apple is back in the news again.  First, there was the blockbuster launch of the massively-hyped and positively reviewed iPad.  So far, the iPad has already exceeded expectations, selling over one million units in its first month. Then, in news that was likely less exciting to Apple than the iPad’s great sales, managed to acquire a prototype of the unreleased next generation iPhone.  Finally, Apple and Adobe have been

The Nexus One — Google’s Next (But Likely Not Final) Frontier

CES 2010 has come and gone, but perhaps the biggest consumer technology announcement that week came before CES even kicked off, with the announcement of Google’s Nexus One on January 5th. This new device ensured that the Google brand would be in the CES news coverage all week long.  Nice job grabbing some attention early! However, not all of the initial news was promising for Google and the Nexus One. 

Why Men Won’t Have to Ask For Directions Ever Again

Compete will be at CES 2010 sharing additional and complementary data to what you’ll read below. If you would like to set up a meeting with Compete to discuss, please email Danielle Nohe at or Greg Carter at When I first purchased my original iPhone in 2007, I was a lot more excited about having a full web browser, iPod and access to my email all as part

HTC Poised to Grow as Smartphone Market Expands

T-Mobile’s MyTouch 3G commercials may be all over the TV and internet these days, but most consumers viewing these commercials are probably not aware that HTC is actually the device’s manufacturer.  HTC has long been making innovative handsets that, more often than not in the US, are branded by the wireless carrier at which they are available.  In fact, HTC provided the hardware behind the first two Android-capable phones in

Motorola Rival: The Surprise Hit of the Summer

Anyone who has received a Facebook "friend request" from a parent should chuckle at a recent ad from Verizon Wireless.  As part of its back-to-school campaign, Verizon Wireless features a mom and dad annoying their children by Tweeting and Facebooking on their mobile phones.  The phones featured in this commercial, the Motorola Rival and LG enV3, are part of a rapidly growing phone segment — the "quick-messaging" device.  These phones

Palm Pre Shoots to Rival the iPhone Launch

Last week, Sprint and Palm released the Pre to rave reviews that praised the device for being the first true competition to the iPhone juggernaut. Palm and Sprint drove substantial traffic to their web sites with the announcement of the Pre at CES in January, in a move similar to Apple’s unveiling of the first generation iPhone at MacWorld two years earlier. Nearly 400,000 people visited Pre-related pages on

Is Apple Growing on Older Americans?

Even in the midst of an economic downturn, interest in Apple products continues to increase. Strong sales and substantial media attention for high-profile products like the iPhone over the last year has resulted in more visitors to Apple’s website. In Q3 2008, an average of 15.3 million people went to each month, up 5% over traffic during the same period in 2007. Apple’s continued success at driving interest stands