Miro Kazakoff

Navigational Search: 5% of the time, users could have just typed it into their browser

Today I lost a bet by wagering against the web savvy of the average American. While generally a safe gamble, the people proved me wrong. Only 5% of searches are for strings users could have just typed directly into their browser. I had guessed much higher. As most search analysts know, the top drivers of search traffic to your domain are basically always the domain name and its common misspellings.

Where Have All the Clickthroughs Gone?

Marketers invest a significant amount of time and money in online marketing campaigns aimed at delivering positive post-click advertising experiences. However, less than 1% of ads get clicked on and 95% of those clicks never lead to a sale. In fact, post-click experiences vary so widely in the same market, it’s likely that one competitor is converting more than five times as many customers than other competitors in the space.

Amid iPhone hype, fewer ready to buy, but more ready to pay

From what I hear, the iPhone is big news these days. I wouldn’t know. In a case of exceptionally poor timing, I scheduled my vacation for mid-June and have traded iPhone hype for breath-taking scenery and limited media access. I’m sure this would be fun for some. I’m in media withdrawal. So I’m back on the grid, eager to check out the results of Compete’s recent iPhone survey. We found

The Internet Is Predicting Cell Phone Purchases

Compete is fortunate to be able to talk to and observe millions of Internet users. We see millions of people buying things online, but we also see plenty of products and services that people research online and then head out to the store to touch and feel before they purchase. In fact, there are products where most people shop online before hitting the stores. Cell phones are one of these