Staycation Nation: Destination Tourism at Home

Remember Summer? Beaches, barbecues, and family vacations dot the quintessential version. This year, though, something changed and the term "staycation" entered mainstream vernacular. A staycation is loosely defined as a vacation spent at home or in one’s home state due to prohibitively high transportation costs. To measure staycation demand in Summer ’08, Compete looked for U.S. consumers who were researching on destination and tourism websites for the same state in

Compete Brief: Consumers Respond to AA Flight Cancellations

It’s been a rough couple of months for airlines. On the heels of Aloha, ATA, Frontier, and Skybus all going bankrupt, American Airlines cancelled over 3,000 flights over safety concerns, stranding tens of thousands of passengers and disrupting air transportation across the U.S. In the week following the flight groundings, Compete fielded a survey to 429 consumers to poll them about their awareness and opinions of the problems at AA.

Cheapflights Takes Off

Big things are going on at Cheapflights.com. Unique visitors to the site had settled at about 1.5 million for quite some time, but something changed in November, 2007. Unique visitor counts surged upwards starting in November and reached 3.5 million in January"”well over double November’s traffic. The growth was so sharp that Cheapflights composed a press release, further piquing my interest in the growth’s causes and effects. I quickly pulled