Melissa Smith

Can Stand Against Competitors?

Image from: High Heels / Shutterstock Whether it’s a night out with friends, a special occasion, or even a new job, there is an endless list of excuses for purchasing a new pair of shoes. This is why when the end of July began sneaking up I took it as a perfectly valid excuse to go ahead with my online search for a new pair of heels for the upcoming

Is Southwest’s Acquisition of AirTran Helping its Online Presence Take Off?

Image from: Plane Taking Off / Shutterstock With generally slim profit margins, airlines must do whatever possible to remain competitive.  Southwest decided that meant buying AirTran, now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Southwest.  The acquisition agreement was signed May 2, 2011 with the mission of improving the business, in part through better economies of scale.  Since then, routes have been consolidated and integration of frequent flyer programs is under way.  But

Are Norwegian’s Promotional Efforts Allowing Them to Cruise by their Royal Competitors?

Image from: Cruise Ship Image / Shutterstock When planning a vacation there are many decisions that must be made. Where to go, how to get there, and if are there any enticing deals available are all common questions to consider. Norwegian Cruise Line has recognized this process of potential vacationers and is taking appropriate action in hopes of cruising ahead of competitors. Norwegian’s latest offer, “Bask in Free Upgrades” ran four

Is Wrigley in a Sticky Situation Within the Online Bubble?

Image from: Bubblegum Image / Shutterstock Extra, Orbit, Doublemint and 5. What do all these have in common? Not only are they well known gum brands, but they’re also all owned by Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company. Wrigley is one of the leading candy brands within the United States as they supply non-chocolate confectionery sugar foods such as gum, mints, hard/chewy candies, and lollipops. Aside from their popular gum brands, a

How Smooth is Dove’s “Show Us Your Skin” Campaign?

Image from: Dove Having your photo featured on a billboard in Times Square has never been easier! Dove’s newest marketing efforts are making this possible by encouraging women (age 18+) to submit a photo of themselves to be placed within a live digital billboard advertisement and allow them to “show off” their skin! Dove has taken on this image smoothly – arranging three stages of the campaign that have now

Guessing if Fossil’s Search Traffic is One to Watch

Image from: Kaboodle Last month, I decided it was time to finally purchase a new watch. After a brief discussion with a close friend, I narrowed my choices down between either a Guess? or a Fossil watch. Now it was time to hit the web and I immediately found myself on Google. Understandably, I began my search using the keyword “watch”. Once on the first search results page, I was