Matt Cordaro

Manning to the Broncos, Tebow to the Jets…

Image from: Business Insider On Tuesday, March 20th, Peyton Manning agreed to a five-year, $96 million contract with the Denver Broncos. On Wednesday, March 21st, Tim Tebow was traded to the Jets and Tebow signed a five-year, $11.25 million contract with the Jets. Manning clearly drew way more money, $80 million more!  From memory, he also drew more TV coverage.  My question, which move drew more online attention?? According to

Have you been preseason-ing a juicy football-shaped burger?

With the infamous NFL lockout over just in time for preseason, I’ve been wondering if the whole ordeal left a bad taste in the mouths of fans. Are people as interested in football this season? I decided to investigate, using some Compete data, to gauge just how much online engagement football fans have had with the NFL this year. We won’t have access to some of the preseason data for

Boston Raises the Cup and Web Traffic

Image from: Bruins / Shutterstock It’s been 39 long years since the Boston Bruins raised Lord Stanely’s Cup. (Easy Canucks’ fans, I know you’ve never won one in your 40 seasons. You aren’t alone, neither the LA Kings or the St. Louis Blues have ever touched the “Holy Grail” and it has been 43 seasons. The Buffalo Sabres accompany you in 0 for 40 club.) When the Bruins brought the

Spring is in the Air: March Madness Trends are Telling

March. One of my favorite times of the year!!! New England is beginning to thaw and I like that. St. Patrick’s Day in Boston is a roaring good time and I like that too. However, March Madness takes the cake and I’m giddy just thinking about it. I can hear the words from the song that has become synonymous with the culmination of the NCAA Tournament; One Shining Moment. “The

Four Loko – Hyped Right Off the Shelves…but is it back?

In 2005, three college friends from The Ohio State University had the entrepreneurial idea to start their own company. They took out a Small Business Administration loan and put their financial resources on the line to launch Chicago-based Phusion Projects, LLC. Four Loko was born. According to, (Four Loko’s website) has seen significant growth since January of 2010. Unique Visitors to grew 142% in June, coincidently the

LEGO… timeless!!!!

Can you remember your first set of LEGOS? Mine came in the mid 80’s and consisted of a bucket of blocks of different sizes as well as the keys to my imagination. My generation was far from the first to experience this classic toy. According to, it all started in 1931, in Denmark. Ole Kirk Kristiansen, a master carpenter built stepladders, ironing boards, stools and wooden toys. In 1934,

The Dud of Earl

Ohhhhhhhhh the hype in New England for the arrival of Earl this past weekend! I heard it at the water cooler, I saw it on facebook, I even saw signs in my neighborhood urging me to buy bread and milk. Just look at the increases in daily reach and attention for,, and