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August data is live — School and sports related sites soar

August data is now live on! August data is now live on! See what’s changed for the sites you care with Compete’s Site Analytics and Ranked Lists tools. One of the more interesting ways to use Compete data is to highlight the shifting web-wide trends in online consumer interest, and August proved to be no exception. With School coming back in session, and the Olympics happening throughout the

July data is now live! Media sites dominate top movers

July data is now live on! What sort of changes did a new month bring? We took a look at the sites that grew the most from June to July to get a better idea of where online traffic is flowing. Whether it’s the heat of summer, gas prices trapping people at home or something else entirely, several rich media sites saw a huge jump in traffic in July.

Facebook vs. Linkedin – Network, Socialize, Be Professional?

In at least one way, early social networks are like a high school party – when parents get home the fun stops and everybody leaves. But as social elements become the driving force behind many of the web’s most popular sites, an increasing number of consumers young and old are finding casual online conversation crucial in maintaining and expanding business relationships…which helps explain howLinkedin recently closed a round of funding

June Top Movers – Foxes and Tigers and Buzz… Oh my!

On the web, visitor traffic can ebb and flow more than the the Bay of Fundy tides and looking at how this traffic shifts over time provides a great snapshot of what is top-of-mind among consumers at any given point in time. With the June data we released earlier this week, now is a great time to look reflect on the sites that experienced a tsunami of incoming traffic in

Top Moving Search Terms — Tragedy drives traffic

Back in February, we reported on the highest volume search terms across the web, and found that some terms drove consistently larger volumes of traffic, while more dynamic terms helped shed light on consumer mindset during a period. With that in mind, we recently took another look at high volume search terms. However, this time around, we focused specifically on those terms that experienced the most growth from April to

Twitter Traffic Explosion: Who's behind it all?

Twitter has made headlines for some amazingly powerful stuff lately; breaking the news of recent China’s earthquake; partnering with MySpace for it’s "data availability" project; even helping a student get out of jail! All of these speak to the growing popularity of Twitter, and also help to explain it’s recent scaling issues. But how big is twitter, who uses it and how? Growth a tween would be proud of. In

Running on Empty? Double your credits today!

Yesterday, over 20,000 runners competed in the Boston Marathon, finishing up just a stone’s throw from Compete’s offices. This got us thinking about the similarities between Search strategy and long distance running: the race begins way before the starting gun; there’s no specific winning formula; everyone involved is in peak physical condition. Given Compete’s physical location at the end of a famous offline marathon, and at the start of high

Gaming Demand: Halo 3 snipes GTA4 – Wii still dominating the console war

In less than two weeks, crime will run rampant in the streets. Crime bosses will come to power, assaults will be made with deadly weapons, and thousands of autos will undoubtedly be stolen. Luckily the only thing harmed will be pixels. On April 29th, Rockstar’s newest episode in the Grand Theft Auto series hits shelves. The hype around Grand Theft Auto 4 has been immense, but the real question is:

Social Addicts: How do Hardcore Facebook, MySpace and Twitter users differ?

We all know this person: constantly showing up in your Facebook news feed with status updates, added friends and wall comments. The "stickiness" of most social sites is unrivaled by any other type of site, a point that the behavior of hardcore members really drive home. These "Social Addicts" check their beloved site constantly and have helped encourage similar behavior from other users. Knowing how different Facebook and MySpace are

February Top Social Networks – Make way for the new guys

Earlier this week, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg made Forbes list of the World’s Richest Men. Facebook certainly had more ups than downs in 2007, but can the site continue its rapid growth into 2008? Where’s MySpace and what else is going in the social web? It appears that the real movers in and shakers in 2008 weren’t moving much in early 2007. For the big players in the space, February

Top Ranked Search Terms – Death and Taxes Still Certain

With the massive amount of search activity taking place across the web, the highest traffic search terms can provide a glimpse into the issues currently important to internet users, and consumers as a whole. With our online search tools, you can start to get at this data on a site level, but what we find even more interesting is how this plays out for the web as a whole, and